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German soldier poses as Syrian refugee to plot attack

28 April, 2017

A German soldier who registered as a Syrian refugee has been arrested by police for planning a gun attack which he intended to blame on foreigners.

The growing rift between Sisi's parliament and al-Azhar

28 April, 2017

In the latest of regime attacks on al-Azhar, MP Mohamed Abu Hamed proposes a law to limit the powers of the Grand Imam by delegating essential roles to the president.

Pope of peace in tense Egypt

28 April, 2017

The Pope visits Egypt today, three weeks after the Palm Sunday bombings. But disillusionment is growing among Egypt's long-persecuted Coptic community, says Jo Schietti.

Pope Francis heads to Egypt on 'mission of brotherhood'

28 April, 2017

Pope Francis said he wanted this visit to be a "hug of consolation and encouragement to all the Christians in the Middle East".

Egypt's al-Azhar challenged amid pressure to reform

28 April, 2017

Al-Azhar, Egypt's top Islamic authority, has been at the centre of a messy collision between politics and theology since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi began campaigning for religious reforms.

China bans Islamic baby names in Muslim-majority Xinjiang

26 April, 2017

Chinese authorities have banned Islamic baby names in the country's largest Muslim province, as part of a crackdown on alleged "extremism" that monitors say restricts fundamental rights.

France’s next leader: far-right Le Pen vs. centrist Macron

23 April, 2017

Polls suggest far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist and former economy minister, were in the lead.

Five facts about Egypt's lack of security

20 April, 2017

Comment: Cairo is focused on crushing political dissent and lacks a strategy to deal with the real violence facing Egyptians, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

Algerian police foil IS suicide bomb plot on Constantine

20 April, 2017

Police launched a raid on the IS-affiliated outfit in eastern Algeria, after intelligence hinted at a planned suicide bomb attack on the city of Constantine.

What role for Pakistan in 'Muslim Nato'?

19 April, 2017

Comment: Pakistan's Raheel Sharif was recently appointed head of the Islamic Military Alliance, but Lahore should instead look to play a 'neutral arbiter' role, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

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