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Prevent is the virus, not the vaccine

15 June, 2018

Comment: The doctor-patient relationship should be one of trust, not an opportunity for the government to monitor political beliefs, writes Ruqaya Izzidien.

Two stabbed to death in South Africa mosque attack

14 June, 2018

Two people have been murdered and several others injured, when a man launched an attack on Muslim worshipers at a mosque in South Africa.

The price of fear in Afghanistan

13 June, 2018

In-depth: The situation in Afghanistan has become worse, as life becomes even more perilous for civilians, writes Francesca Mannocchi.

Alleged 'FBI torturer' invited to UK parliament

08 June, 2018

A Britain-based advocacy group has slammed an invitation extended to an alleged FBI torturer to speak in the House of Lords.

Denmark's burqa ban: A lurch towards secular extremism

06 June, 2018

Comment: Denmark is the latest European country to have exploited fears over refugees and terrorism for right-wing political gain, writes CJ Werleman.

BeIN channels in UAE pulled ahead of World Cup

03 June, 2018

Qatari sports broadcaster BeIN has stopped working for customers in the United Arab Emirates, the channel said on Sunday, just eleven days ahead of the World Cup.

New Iraq government must overcome sectarian divide: UN

31 May, 2018

An alliance led by nationalist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr won the biggest share of seats in parliamentary elections on 12 May, the first polls since the defeat of IS.

Being pro-Palestine and pro-Assad doesn't add up

29 May, 2018

Comment: From Israel to Syria, all tyranny is worthy of outrage, writes Sam Hamad.

Iran looks to India, China, Russia after US pullout

29 May, 2018

Iran will be strengthening its ties with India, China and Russia, following Trump's decision to pull out of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions.

How right is the Left in the Islamic world?

24 May, 2018

Comment: The Islamic Left may have ended up more Islamic and less leftist, but intellectuals' leftist utopia has long been abandoned even in the West, writes Muhammed Nafih Wafy.

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