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Majority of US terrorists are far-right extremists: Report

24 June, 2017

New research finds that US terror incidents involving right-wing extremists are almost twice the number of those involving extreme Islamists.

Second batch of Turkish troops deploys to Qatar

22 June, 2017

A second batch of Turkish troops arrived in Qatar's Al-Udeid airbase on Thursday, joining a Turkish detachment already in place for training exercises launched earlier this week.

UN appoints Russian diplomat as new counter-terror chief

21 June, 2017

The UN has appointed a Russian diplomat as the new counter-terror chief on Wednesday, despite ejecting Moscow from the Human Rights Council for its war crimes in Syria.

Qatar accuses 'neighbours' of hacking that led to crisis

21 June, 2017

Qatar has accused "neighbouring countries", of being behind the alleged cyber attack on Doha's state media which set into motion the current diplomatic crisis.

Finsbury Park attack: Radicalisation isn't exclusive to Islam

21 June, 2017

Comment: After the Finsbury Park attack by a white terrorist, why aren't the British media and political class pouring over how he was 'radicalised'?

Iraq, Saudi Arabia agree to 'jihadist-for-Shia militants' prisoner swap

21 June, 2017

Iraq and Saudi Arabia have agreed to a prisoner exchange involving Islamic State group fighters and Iraqi militiamen during bilateral talks this week that followed years of strained ties.

Islamophobic coverage of Finsbury Park attack must end here

20 June, 2017

Comment: With every fresh news cycle that follows an extremist attack, the media goes a little further in failing Muslim communities in the UK, writes Shenaz Bunglawala.

'Iraq to hold countries that support terrorism accountable': PM

20 June, 2017

Iraq's Prime Minister said Baghdad retains its right to hold accountable those who support terrorism, during his first official visit to Saudi Arabia.

Gulf crisis: The latest offensive of a reactionary coalition

20 June, 2017

Comment: Since the beginning of Qatar's increasing regional activism, reactionary powers have been keen to get rid of such a 'disruptive element' in the region, writes Erick Viramontes.

Attacks by Muslims 'receive 4.5 times more media coverage'

20 June, 2017

Despite the fact that Muslims commit far fewer attacks, US media coverage increase by an average of four and a half times in those circumstances, researchers said.

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