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The liberal's lament over Israel

18 June, 2018

Comment: Apartheid Israel can never be a democratic state, despite what some 'liberals' might think, writes James J. Zogby.

World Cup LIVEBLOG: Tunisia v England

18 June, 2018

Don't miss a move with our liveblog of England and Tunisia's opening Russia 2018 match.

Trump brings the Dark Enlightenment's brutality to diplomacy

14 June, 2018

Comment: Trump's dealings with North Korea and the G7 reveal his deal-making strategy - and it's even more disturbing than you might think, writes Wilson Dizard.

Russia's world cup has Syrian blood on its hands

13 June, 2018

Comment: Russia's World Cup adds to its global panoply of PR, designed to normalise all its actions, including the Syrian genocide, writes Sam Hamad.

On the attack against the Arab Centre

13 June, 2018

Attacks against the Arab Centre for Research and Policy are not new. What is new however, is the siding of Western institutions with anti-democratic forces writes Marwan Kabalan.

Ramadan was once a special time for Syrians

12 June, 2018

Comment: Bahia Mardini remembers a time when Ramadan in Syria was about celebrating, sharing as a family and supporting those less fortunate. Today the picture is much bleaker.

The Iraq Report: Iraqi democracy smoulders amid political violence

12 June, 2018

Investigating the fire at the ballot warehouse after the recount was ordered - our weekly round-up of the latest news from Iraq.

The great guide to Middle East World Cup teams

11 June, 2018

Five Middle East and North African national teams will play in Russia 2018, the most Middle Eastern World Cup ever.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait offer billions to crisis-hit Jordan

11 June, 2018

Jordan has been rocked in recent days by mass protests against price rises and a proposed tax hike as the government pushes measures to slash the country's debt.

G7 vows to ensure Iran nuclear programme ‘remains peaceful’

09 June, 2018

G7 leaders vowed to ensure that Iran's nuclear programme 'remains peaceful' after the US decision to withdraw from the landmark deal.

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