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Turkey's suffragettes: Politics still wears a moustache

12 December, 2017

The long read: Turkish women won political rights early on, but soon met opposition. Today their participation is not, in theory, limited, but representation remains low, writes Hazal Atay.

Sisi's prisons 'breeding ground' for radicalisation: former prisoner

12 December, 2017

Rights groups estimate political prisoners in Egypt to be around a staggering 60,000. The injustice in Egypt's prisons has left many seeking revenge.

What's stopping Lebanese expats voting from abroad?

12 December, 2017

Analysis: Lebanese citizens living abroad can now vote in the country's parliamentary elections, but the response so far has been mixed, writes Richard Salamé.

Will Trudeau address civil rights violations on Canadian soil?

08 December, 2017

Comment: How many more acts of violence and racism need occur before Ottawa admits we have our own home-grown issues, asks Hadani Ditmars.

The narrowing distinctions between the PKK and its offshoots

08 December, 2017

Comment: Under fire from all sides, armed Kurdish groups are more likely to work together, writes Paul Iddon.

Waste Bank: Israeli refuse dumped in the occupied territories

08 December, 2017

In-depth: While Israel is increasing the amount of waste it produces and recycles, it is doing so at the expense of Palestinians, according to a new report.

Gaddafi's son 'seeking comeback to Libya politics'

06 December, 2017

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, freed after six years' detention, is seeking a comeback to Libyan politics, with observers saying he could find support from loyalists to his father's old regime.

What war in Yemen looks like after Saleh

05 December, 2017

While Yemen's Houthi rebels feel jubilant to have killed former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the long-term consequences will be grave and disastrous.

Saleh's death, checkmate

05 December, 2017

Comment: Saleh's death causes us to revisit the injustices that led Yemenis to rise up in 2011, writes Afrah Nasser.

Kurds vote in second phase of northern Syria polling

01 December, 2017

Residents of Kurdish-dominated areas in northern Syria voted on Friday in local polls aimed at boosting their region's de facto semi-autonomous status.

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