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American democracy under threat: Fake news, alternative facts

24 February, 2017

Comment: Freedom of the press is one of the pillars of American democracy. In casting criticism as fake news, Trump is playing a very dangerous game, writes Tamara Kharroub.

Ahmed Maher's 'freedom' comes at a heavy price

23 February, 2017

Egyptian activist Ahmed Maher details the grim routine of police observation following his release after serving three years in prison for breaking the anti-protest law.

Elusive as ever, two-state remains the only option

23 February, 2017

Comment: Rejecting the two-state solution and failing to offer equal citizenship to Palestinians would see Israel become an ethnocracy. The two-state solution must prevail, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

Russia asks Assad to stop bombing as talks begin

22 February, 2017

Russia has asked the Syrian regime to halt bombings during peace talks this week in Geneva, the United Nations envoy Staffan de Mistura said on Wednesday.

Bahrain lawmakers approve military trial for civilians

22 February, 2017

Bahrain's MPs voted on Tuesday to change the constitution to allow civilians to be tried in military courts amid a crackdown on dissent.

Tackling radicalisation in the pre-criminal space

21 February, 2017

Comment: There is a moment before a person commits to a radical course of action during which a would-be 'terrorist' needs guidance and support, writes Anthony Cornish.

Police State Egypt: The war on journalism

20 February, 2017

While Press Syndicate leaders await a verdict in their appeal against imprisonment, and a new media law threatens further government control, Egypt sees its worst days for press freedom.

Scores killed in Somalia bomb blast, al-Shabab suspected

20 February, 2017

At least 20 people died Sunday when a car bomb exploded in the Somali capital, as Shabaab Islamists threatened to escalate attacks in a "vicious war" against the new government.

#NotTheEnemy: Twitter reacts to 'dangerous' Trump 'fake news' rhetoric

18 February, 2017

Journalists, diplomats, academics, human rights advocates, and opponents of Trump have all taken to Twitter to decry the controversial president's latest slur against the media

An equal-rights bi-national one-state solution is the only solution

17 February, 2017

Comment: Did Trump just kill off the two-state solution? The time has come for a single-state, with equal rights for all, before Israel creates one without Palestinians, writes Sophia Akram.

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