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Leaked recording highlights Tunisian establishment 'bullying tactics' against activists

23 April, 2017

A recording of the head of Tunisia's private TV station, Nessma, was leaked on April 17, detailing threats and intimidation against a civil society group fighting corruption in the country.

Election: Melenchon's vision for France and the Middle East

22 April, 2017

Interview: Has France's foreign policy helped recruit soldiers to Islamic State, and what should the republic's foreign policy be in Syria, Yemen and beyond? Melenchon's spokesperson, Charlotte Girard responds.

Turkey opposition appeals referendum result at top court

22 April, 2017

The Republican People's Party's lawyer Atilla Kart formally lodged the petition with the Council of State on Friday afternoon.

Five facts about Egypt's lack of security

20 April, 2017

Comment: Cairo is focused on crushing political dissent and lacks a strategy to deal with the real violence facing Egyptians, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

Bet on Syrians, not Syria

20 April, 2017

Comment: For too long, discussions about the future of Syria have focused on visions of Syria itself rather than the visions of Syrians, writes James Denselow.

Egypt set to militarise high schools

20 April, 2017

In-depth: Egypt's education chiefs want to convert vocational high schools to military academies, making education the latest sector of Egyptian life to be dominated by the army, reports Gehad Quisay.

Mauritania president pushes ahead with bid to abolish senate

18 April, 2017

Blog: Mohamed Ouled Abdel Aziz will launch a popular referendum to get rid of parliament's second chamber.

A new era of uncertainty for Turkey

18 April, 2017

Comment: There are many fundamental similarities between Ataturk's rule, and the system of governance soon to be in place under Erdogan, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

Inside the Arab mind: Questions on Syria and beyond

17 April, 2017

The long read: Nael Shama asks what future lies ahead for Arab societies, if the choice - six years after the Arab Spring, is between tyrannical regimes and Islamist parties.

Turkey PM declares Yes-victory in referendum expanding Erdogan powers

16 April, 2017

Turkey's prime minister has declared a victory based on unofficial results for backers of a referendum to greatly expand the powers of the country's president.

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