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We'll build nukes if Iran does, says Saudi prince

15 March, 2018

Saudi Arabia's crown prince warned in a US television interview that if Tehran gets a nuclear weapon, his country will follow suit.

Iran 'ready to resolve differences with Saudis'

14 March, 2018

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said his country is willing to resolve its differences with regional rival Saudi Arabia as part of efforts to stabilise the region.

Is the president of Yemen under Saudi house arrest?

14 March, 2018

Analysis: Hadi may not be able to return to Aden, even if he wanted to, reports Khalid al-Karimi.

IS claims Aden suicide attack on UAE-backed Yemeni troops

13 March, 2018

A suicide blast hit UAE-backed Yemeni troops in the government bastion of Aden, leaving five dead or injured.

Trump, a mediator in the GCC crisis?

13 March, 2018

Comment: The Trump administration has emphasised the importance of GCC unity since the blockade of Qatar began, writes Imad K. Harb.

White House announces date for Mohammed bin Salman visit

13 March, 2018

Bin Salman has a close relationship with Trump and his son-in-law aide Jared Kushner, who is seen as having given the green light for Prince Mohammed's recent power grab.

'National disgrace': UK MPs slam £100m Saudi aid deal

11 March, 2018

Labour's shadow aid minister has led condemnation of the UK government's hypocritical deals of both weapons and aid to Saudi Arabia's war-mongering prince.

Journalism: The fatal job in Yemen

10 March, 2018

Yemen is one of the most perilous environments for journalists to operate in.

Britain to sell 48 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia

09 March, 2018

News of the sale comes as Crown Prince and de facto Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman visits the UK amid protests.

UK says it supports Saudi Arabia's 'self-defence' in Yemen

08 March, 2018

The foreign minister of Britain has defended the brutal Saudi-led military intervention in neighbouring Yemen, which has killed more than 9,300 people and wounded more than 50,000.

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