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Zarif is wrong: Iran has no interest in peace

24 May, 2017

Comment: In his recent article, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif claims he will gift peace to the region; an assertion to be treated with suspicion and contempt, writes Malak Chabkoun.

Australia says citizen freed in Yemen with Oman’s help

24 May, 2017

Australia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that an Australian citizen kidnapped in Yemen last year has been released following assistance by the sultanate of Oman.

'Fake-news' hack: pre-emptive strike on Qatar's independent foreign policy?

24 May, 2017

The New Arab analyses: The crisis spurred by false statements published by the hacked account of the Qatar National News agency could be an orchestrated attempt to contain Doha's influence.

Desperate Yemeni colonel takes own life 'over unpaid salary'

23 May, 2017

Yemen's ongoing salary crisis is resulting in an increase in suicides, reports say, as people in the war-torn country continue to struggle to provide for their families.

Islamophobia and terror: two sides of one coin

23 May, 2017

Blog: Terrorism is us, and the sooner we connect our shared experiences of oppression, the less power we give to the twin ideologies of hatred, writes Hadani Ditmars.

UN Yemen envoy 'survives assassination attempt' in capital

23 May, 2017

Yemen's UN envoy, Ismail Ould Cheikh survived an alleged assassination attempt in Sanaa on Monday, the foreign ministry said, after shots were fired when pro-rebel protesters stormed his car.

US special forces kill seven al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen

23 May, 2017

The raid took place in Marib province in the early hours of Tuesday where al-Qaeda are active, and was conducted with the support of Yemeni government authorities

On Iran's booby-trapped gift

22 May, 2017

Comment: Iran should back up it talk about willingness to work towards peace with the withdrawal of militias from Syria, writes Maen al-Bayari.

Iran is ready to gift peace to Middle East

22 May, 2017

Comment: Iran is willing to fight terrorism and resolve the war in Syria, Mohammad Javad Zarif writes in an exclusive opinion article for The New Arab.

Rouhani's landslide quells risk of escalation, despite Trump's hostility

22 May, 2017

Comment: Just a day after Iranians re-elected moderate negotiator Rouhani, Trump accused Iran's government of wanting death to America, and closed a $110 billion arms deal with the Saudis.

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