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Two UAE pilots killed in Yemen military plane crash

18 October, 2017

Two Emirati pilots were killed in Yemen after their aircraft went down due to a 'technical failure', Abu Dhabi has said.

Anti-Qatar states try getting Kuwait on-side over FIFA ban

18 October, 2017

Gulf states currently blockading Qatar have tried to woo Kuwait by promising to boycott a football tournament in Doha unless a FIFA ban on Kuwait is lifted.

Bahrain hits military mart looking at US, Russia hardware

17 October, 2017

Bahrain has joined other Gulf states its ramping up its military spending, as it looks to buy arms from rival arms manufacturers, the US and Russia.

US judge blocks Trump's Travel Ban 3.0

17 October, 2017

Trump's pledge to end immigration from several Muslim-majority countries was kicked into touch again by a US judge on Tuesday, serving another blow for the president's widely-perceived discriminatory travel ban.

Yemenis seek solar solution to infrastructure blackout

17 October, 2017

In-depth: Yemenis are being forced to make their own electricity, independent from the government, writes Khalid al-Karimi.

Kirkuk has already exposed Trump's incoherent Iran strategy

17 October, 2017

Comment: In Kirkuk, the US has allowed Iranian proxy forces - recently designated a terrorist group - to openly attack an American ally, highlighting inconsistent US policy, writes James Snell.

US strikes kill 'dozens' of IS militants in Yemen

17 October, 2017

US military strikes kill dozens of IS militants at the group's training camps in central Yemen, a US Central Command statement said on Monday.

Stolen education: Yemen's classrooms empty on first school day

15 October, 2017

Yemen's classrooms remained largely empty in rebel-held cities, including the capital on Sunday, as teachers who have not been paid continued to strike.

Separatist south Yemen leader vows independence referendum 'soon'

14 October, 2017

Aidaroos al-Zubaidi, who is leading a movement for southern Yemen's secession, says an independence referendum will be announced soon and a parliamentary body set up to administer the territory.

Yemen's Saleh recovering from surgery by Russian medical team

14 October, 2017

Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh is recovering from an unspecified operation, after a Russian team was flown into the capital Sanaa to treat the former dictator.

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