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UN absurdly appoints Saudi Arabia on women’s rights panel

25 April, 2017

Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive cars, has been elected to the UN women's rights commission, sparking anger from a UN watchdog.

The race against time to save lives in Yemen

25 April, 2017

The United Nations is appealing for $2.1 billion in international assistance this year for Yemen – the war-torn country facing famine.

Worlds apart: Labour and Tories on Syria and beyond

24 April, 2017

Comment: With a UK general election just six weeks away, Hilary Aked takes a look at the gulf separating Britain's two major parties on foreign policy in the Arab world.

Yemen: A #breadmarch to save Hodeidah port

24 April, 2017

Hundreds of activists embarked on a five-day march to a besieged port in Yemen to demand the establishment of a humanitarian zone in Hodeidah and allow in aid.

Trump 'driving force' behind patch up of Saudi-Egypt rift

24 April, 2017

President Trump was the 'driving force' behind Egypt and Saudi Arabia's recent reconciliation after months of tensions, sources have told The New Arab.

Saudi air-force pilot son of king named US envoy

22 April, 2017

Saudi Arabia on Saturday named an air force pilot son of King Salman as ambassador to its major ally Washington, with which ties are improving under President Donald Trump.

Election: Melenchon's vision for France and the Middle East

22 April, 2017

Interview: Has France's foreign policy helped recruit soldiers to Islamic State, and what should the republic's foreign policy be in Syria, Yemen and beyond? Melenchon's spokesperson, Charlotte

Yemen: The tragedy deepens

21 April, 2017

Special coverage: A war fuelled by geopolitical rivals is tearing apart the Middle East's poorest nation. Now famine stalks a landmine-strewn country where millions have been forced from their homes.

UK government rules out post-election international aid cuts

21 April, 2017

The UK will stay as one of the world largest donors, after Theresa May promised a government under her would commit to the country's 0.7 percent of GDP aid target.

Yemeni doctor becomes first-ever winner of women's medical prize

21 April, 2017

Dr Dhekra Annuzaili picks up prestigious prize for efforts in combating neglected tropical diseases in Yemen.

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