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Guterres calls for end to 'stupid war' in Yemen

11 December, 2017

The UN Secretary-General has called for increased pressure on Saudi Arabia to end the conflict in Yemen.

Saudi-led airstrikes target Yemen rebel 'training camp'

10 December, 2017

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on a suspected Yemen rebel training camp northwest of the capital on Sunday killed at least 26 Houthi fighters, security sources said.

UN says Yemen's Houthi missiles have 'common origin'

10 December, 2017

Missiles fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen towards Saudi Arabia have a 'common origin' says the UN, but refused to confirm Riyadh's claims they are Iranian supplied.

Lebanon slams Iraq militia visit to Israel ceasefire line

10 December, 2017

A visit by an Iraqi Shia militia leader to Lebanon's ceasefire line with Israel was criticised by Lebanon's prime minister on Saturday, who said it violated local law.

Yemen rebels 'bury Saleh in closed funeral'

09 December, 2017

Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed by his former rebel allies this week, was buried at his home village outside Sanaa on Saturday.

Yemen rebels 'disrupt internet nationwide'

09 December, 2017

Yemen's Houthi rebels have been disrupting internet access nationwide as they consolidate their grip of the capital.

Signs of US-Saudi rift after rare Washington criticism

09 December, 2017

US State Department chief Rex Tillerson has offered some mild, but rare, criticism of Saudi Arabia's foreign policy which has been driven by the young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi coalition airstrikes 'kill dozens' in northern Yemen

09 December, 2017

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed more than 23 civilians in the country's north on Friday, Yemeni officials said, as the kingdom intensifies bombing of the besieged country.

Russia looks to sell Arctic gas to Saudi Arabia

09 December, 2017

Russia is seeking new buyers for its Arctic gas supplies, with Saudi Arabia a potential market for Moscow's newly exploited natural resource.

On the perils of an empty State Department

08 December, 2017

Comment: The US State Department is one of the most understaffed and dysfunctional in modern history, writes Sam Fouad.

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