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Iran 'part of the problem' in Yemen: top diplomat

22 August, 2017

Iran, accused of supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen, "is part of the problem, not the solution" when it comes to ending conflict Yemen's top diplomat said on Monday.

UAE's Washington ambassador Otaiba: Saudi leaders are crazy

19 August, 2017

The United Arab Emirates' ambassador to Washington has mocked Saudi Arabia as "f***in coo coo!" in the latest series of emails to be leaked from the controversial diplomat.

UN demands civilian access to Yemen airports, ports

18 August, 2017

All parties involved in the ongoing Yemen conflict must immediately grant civilian and commercial access to the country's ports and airports, the UN demanded on Friday.

Saudi coalition killed hundreds of Yemen's children: UN report

18 August, 2017

This year's UN report that blacklists violators of children's rights has accused the Saudi-led coalition of killing hundreds of children in Yemen, reports suggest.

Rights groups urge Yemen's rebels to free political commentator

18 August, 2017

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International on Friday urged Yemen's Houthi rebels to free political commentator Hisham al-Omeisy, detained this week in Sanaa.

The end of American empire, and beginning of what?

18 August, 2017

Comment: As the US' imperial might in the Middle East declines, and Russia and China's stars rise, what does the Middle East's future hold? asks Robert Springborg.

13 things you need to know about Yemen

18 August, 2017

Forget everything you think you know about Yemen...

Cash crisis exposes Yemeni rift with UAE

17 August, 2017

Yemen's Central Bank says the Saudi-led coalition is 'strangling' the economy by preventing planes from flying in newly-minted cash, reflecting a rift between the government and the United Arab Emirates.

UK warns of potential commercial ship attacks off Yemen

17 August, 2017

The UK issued a warning over potential attacks targeting vessels travelling along the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait, after recent attacks off the coast of Yemen.

The Iraq Report: Child trafficking by Baghdad mafia exposed

16 August, 2017

Analysis: Welcome to The New Arab's weekly digest of events in Iraq

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