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UN: Emergency funds needed for Palestinians in Syria

10 January, 2017

The UN's agency for Palestinian refugees on Monday appealed for emergency funds to provide aid to nearly half a million Palestinians affected by the war in Syria.

Syria's water war reaches boiling point around Damascus

30 December, 2016

Damascus relies on water from besieged rebel-held Wadi Barada, but either sabotage or regime bombing has stopped water flowing to Syria's capital.

Israeli strikes IS-linked Syrian group for second time

28 November, 2016

The Israeli military has targeted Syrian militants in the occupied Golan Heights for the second time in 24 hours, warning of a 'new threat' by IS.

Israel kills four 'IS-linked gunmen' in occupied Golan Heights

27 November, 2016

Israel has claimed to have killed a number of gunmen belonging to the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade in the Golan Heights.

Syria: 'Another Yarmouk' feared as Palestinian death toll rises

22 October, 2016

The UN Palestinian refugee agency fears beseiged Khan al-Sheikh camp near Damascus risks becoming "another Yarmouk" as the civilian death toll continues to rise

Arts Canteen: Stirring the arts, promoting resilience and tolerance

11 October, 2016

Blog: A London-based group is on a mission to promote Arab arts and culture, transforming the narrative surrounding the Middle East, writes Fardous Bahbouh.

Pianist of Yarmouk: Life after refugee camp

19 September, 2016

Aeham Ahmad made headlines last year with the music he brought to under-siege Yarmouk camp. He tells his story as the UN summit addresses a record refugee crisis.

How the PLO and Lebanese authorities became unlikely friends

11 September, 2016

In-depth: Palestinian faction Fatah, which dominates the PLO, and Lebanese security have put years of animosity behind them, and started to work together on security in Lebanon.

Israel strikes Syria after projectile lands in Golan Heights

11 September, 2016

Israel has struck targets in Syria after fire hit the occupied Golan Heights as similar exchanges of fire become more frequent.

Israel hits Syrian targets in Golan Heights

22 August, 2016

The Israeli air force on Monday targeted a Syrian military position in Golan heights, reportedly in response to stray fire from the area.

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