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Syria 'dissolves loyalist militias in capital under Russian orders'

11 June, 2018

The Syrian regime has reportedly dissolved loyalist militias in the capital Damascus under orders from its main backer Russia, The New Arab's Arabic-language service has reported.

IS retakes parts of Albu Kamal in major attack

09 June, 2018

The Islamic State group seizes parts of key town on the Syrian-Iraqi border on Friday in a massive operation that further confirmed the militants remain a force on the ground.

Israel and Russia team up against Iran in Syria

01 June, 2018

Israeli and Russian leaders have met following recent tensions in southern Syria, where Iran's military presence could be weakened, and Assad's troops bolstered, reports Paul McLoughlin.

Assad brazenly denies what the whole world knows

31 May, 2018

Comment: Assad lies and lies on Russian TV, knowing he'll never be held accountable, writes Sam Hamad.

Russia police arrest Syria regime looters in ravaged Yarmouk

29 May, 2018

Russian military police have arrested a group of Syrian regime soldiers for looting homes in the ravaged Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, which was recently recaptured from extremists.

Syrians in Daraa warned of impending regime assault

25 May, 2018

Syrians in Daraa fear a new regime assault, as leaflets are dropped on the opposition province warning of an offensive.

Syrian cleric condemns 'flagrant looting' after regime captured Yarmouk

23 May, 2018

A Syrian cleric has condemned government troops and allied militias for looting homes in the recently recaptured Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp.

Regime says Damascus 'completely secure', declares victory in capital

21 May, 2018

This marks the first time since the civil war began in 2011 that regime forces control the capital and all its suburbs.

IS fighters evacuated from southern Damascus: monitor

20 May, 2018

Islamic State miliants and their families have been bused out of southern Damascus, SOHR said, though Syrian state media reports an agreement hasn't been reached.

Syria and IS 'reach truce' after south Damascus battles

19 May, 2018

A ceasefire agreement between IS and the Syrian regime was declared on Saturday, despite reports of the regime continuing their siege, resulting in the deaths of seven Palestinian refugees.

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