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'State of emergency' erodes France and Tunisia's civil liberties

18 April, 2018

Comment: The state of emergency declared by the French and Tunisian governments has led to increasing infringements of civil liberties, but civil society is fighting back, writes Cyril Lemba.

Who are the French and Tunisian Islamic State soldiers?

17 April, 2018

Comment: France and Tunisia face similar challenges, and must seek to alleviate the exclusion that has become so widespread among their young men, write Yassine Nabli and Malek Lakhal.

Radicalisation in prison cells in France and Tunisia

16 April, 2018

Comment: In overcrowded and dehumanising prison conditions, someone making a speech that is even the slightest bit comforting or inspiring can easily influence vulnerable minds, writes Jeremy Felkowski.

What is terrorism?

16 April, 2018

Comment: Broad and shifting definitions of 'terrorism' have given states free rein to act with impunity, writes Zohra el-Mokhtari.

France and Tunisia's war or terror: An introduction

16 April, 2018

Comment: 'How do we define terrorism?' and who should be classed as a 'terrorist'? Warda Mohammed introduces this special series on responses to terrorism in France and Tunisia.

No longer alone: Why LGBT activists are speaking out

16 April, 2018

Report: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists in the Middle East and North Africa are defying state-sponsored repression and social stigma by sharing stories to help others.

Italy breaks Tunisian human-trafficking ring: police

10 April, 2018

Italian police broke up a gang including suspects who sympathised with militants, officials said Tuesday.

The struggle of refugee women across the sea

10 April, 2018

Feature: Women escaping war-torn countries to enter Europe for a better life are faced with many calamities, suffering the fate of all refugees along with gender-based violence, writes Marta Bellingreri.

Tunisia star striker Msakni ruled out of World Cup

09 April, 2018

Youssef Mskani has been ruled out of the international tournament in Russia after suffering an injury in his last league game of the season.

Tunisia court bars Israel from taekwondo championships

08 April, 2018

Israeli athletes will not be able to compete in the taekwondo world junior championships following a successful lawsuit by activists.

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