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UAE cancels Tunisia handball games amid row over women

29 December, 2017

The UAE men's handball team forfeited two games, the Tunisian federation said after it appointed female referees for a game in apparent solidarity with women.

'Fewer than 1,000 IS fighters left in Iraq, Syria'

28 December, 2017

A few hundred Islamic State fighters remain in Iraq and Syria, the US-led coalition which ousted the extremist group from its urban areas has said.

Turkey's Erdogan signs defence, investment deals in Tunisia

28 December, 2017

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday signed agreements in Tunis on defence, investment and the environment as he and his Tunisian counterpart expressed their determination to strengthen economic cooperation.

Tunisia cooperating with UAE against female extremists' return

26 December, 2017

Tunisia says it will now work with the UAE following its ban on Tunisian women passengers after reports of jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria plotting terror attacks.

Tunisia suspends Emirates flights after UAE's female 'travel ban'

25 December, 2017

The Tunisian transport ministry has suspended Emirates airlines flights to Tunisia in response to UAE security measures that single out Tunisian women.

UAE 'explains' Tunisian women 'travel ban'

24 December, 2017

An alleged ban on Tunisian women travelling to the UAE was down to a security mix-up, the country's foreign minister has claimed, following outrage in North Africa about the measures.

Tunisia slams 'illegal' UAE travel ban on Tunisian women

23 December, 2017

A controversial blanket travel ban on Tunisian women by the UAE has led to angry reactions in Tunis.

Tension, protests mark Tunisia’s seventh revolutionary anniversary

22 December, 2017

Police used teargas to dispel crowds in Sidi Bouzid as protests over unchanging rates of unemployment and other economic problems grew violent.

Banking on success: This week in Middle East football

22 December, 2017

Egyptian banks have announced new loans and services for fans to help boost support for the national team during next year's World Cup in Russia.

The dilemmas of organ donation in Muslim countries

20 December, 2017

Interview: Professor Aziz El-Matri, a Tunisian kidney specialist and member of The Transplantation Society discusses organ donation in the Islamic tradition with Aziz El-Matri.

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