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Six Arab films that should be at the Oscars

25 February, 2017

Every year a few critically acclaimed productions from the MENA region go unnoticed by the Academy, and 2017 is no exception.

Europe-bound migrants suffocate in shipping container

23 February, 2017

Rescue teams have recovered in Libya the bodies of 13 migrants who died of suffocation in a Europe-bound shipping container.

The UAE has it in for the Muslim Brotherhood

23 February, 2017

The long read: UAE foreign policy has been actively fighting political Islam in all its forms, pitting the Emirates directly against Qatar and Saudi Arabia, writes Marc Cher-Leparrain.

Tunisian parliament passes anti-graft law

23 February, 2017

Tunisia's parliament on Wednesday passed a law to fight widespread corruption that has plagued the country's economy since the 2011 revolution.

The EU's 'doublethink' on refugees

22 February, 2017

Comment: While the EU warns its own citizens against travelling to Libya, they see no problem in returning refugees to the war zone, writes Mat Nashed.

Arab cities top survey on quality of African life

21 February, 2017

Cities in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia top a new survey ranking the quality of urban life in Africa.

Algeria kills 14 in crackdown on suspected militants

18 February, 2017

Algeria said Friday that its security forces have killed 14 suspected militants in an ongoing operation in one of the country's last strongholds of militant Islamists.

Tunisian army kills two militants in mountain clashes

18 February, 2017

Security forces continue crackdown on Islamist insurgents as Tunisia extends its 2015 state of emergency.

Five reasons you should ignore Trump's Lebanon travel warning

17 February, 2017

Blog: Don't let the travel warnings scare you off, Lebanon is safer than many countries with no warnings - and you'd miss out on all the country has to offer...

Bad habits die hard in Tunisia's security services

16 February, 2017

Tunisian security forces are still relying on the brutal tactics of the past, including torture, arbitrary arrests, detentions and restrictions on travel of suspects

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