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Saudi bullying of Qatar: A crumbling Game of Thrones

20 June, 2017

Comment: Despite White House support for the Saudi-UAE alliance, it is Qatar thathas emerged with the trump card, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Anti-Qatar blockade: Consequence of Doha's support for Arab Spring?

19 June, 2017

Analysis: What really lies at the heart of Gulf accusations against the Qataris? American academic and Middle East affairs analyst Professor Gary Sick talks to The New Arab.

UAE: Enforcing repression at home and wrecking alliances abroad

19 June, 2017

Comment: The Emirati government may have crushed dissent on the home front, but the Yemen war drags on, and the GCC now risks being torn apart, writes Bill Law.

Taliban attack on Afghanistan police HQ kills dozens

18 June, 2017

A Taliban suicide bomb and gun attack on Sunday targeted police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan killing at least five officers and wounding 18 other people.

Qatar: A convenient scapegoat in a broken system

15 June, 2017

Comment: Qatar's policies, many of which were until recently mainstream in the Gulf, have led it to be hounded simply for not toeing the regional line, writes Barak Barfi.

Carnage in Kabul as scores killed in truck bomb

31 May, 2017

At least 80 people have been killed and 320 wounded, but authorities warn the toll could yet rise.

In Sweden, unaccompanied Afghan teenage refugees turn to heroin

30 May, 2017

Around 100 unaccompanied asylum seekers under the age of 18 have been caught using heroin as they wait for their applications to be processed.

Business as usual in Trump's 'War on Terror'

30 May, 2017

Comment: Trump calling on Muslim nations to fight 'radicalisation' simply deflects attention from Washington's own role in bolstering the ranks of extremist groups, writes Waqas Mirza.

Bomb blast kills Afghanis on first day of Ramadan

27 May, 2017

A huge car bomb has killed at least 18 people in eastern Afghanistan, mostly civilians marking the first day of Ramadan where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Zarif is wrong: Iran has no interest in peace

26 May, 2017

Comment: In his recent article, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif claims he will gift peace to the region; an assertion to be treated with suspicion and contempt, writes Malak Chabkoun.

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