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Iraq 'must do more' for IS sex abuse victims

22 August, 2017

Iraq must ensure that women and girls subjected to sexual violence at the hands of IS militants have access to justice and reparations, UN investigators said on Tuesday.

Russia intensifies airstrikes on IS-stronghold Deir az-Zour

22 August, 2017

Russia has upped its air campaign in Syria to help President Bashar Assad's forces drive IS militants from their stronghold in Deir az-Zour.

US Defence Secretary in Iraq as anti-IS forces advance

22 August, 2017

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Iraq to discuss strategy just days after Baghdad launched its assault on the Islamic State group's urban stronghold of Tal Afar.

Dozens dead in US-led Raqqa strikes, as peace-talks delayed

22 August, 2017

At least 42 civilians died on Monday as a result of US-led air strikes on Syria's IS-held stronghold of Raqqa, a monitor said, as Russia delays peace talks until September.

Joint Turkish-Iranian operation against Kurds 'on the agenda'

21 August, 2017

Erdogan said on Monday that a joint military operation with Iran against Kurdish factions was 'always on the agenda', a week after Tehran's top military commander visited Ankara for talks.

Remembering Ghouta: Obama's meaningless red line

21 August, 2017

Comment: Obama's 'red line' morphed into a 'red herring' and could then become a green light for Assad to continue his genocidal war, writes Sam Hamad.

Hizballah says IS is trying to 'tarnish jihad's image'

21 August, 2017

Lebanese militia Hizballah has condemned last week's attacks by alleged IS sympathisers in Barcelona, saying it is an attempt to tarnish the image of jihad and Islam.

Iraqi Kurds 'may postpone' independence vote for Baghdad concessions

21 August, 2017

Iraqi Kurds could postpone a planned 25 September independence referendum in return for political and economic concessions from Baghdad, a senior Kurdish official said on Saturday.

British cyclists complete London-Medina cycle ahead of Hajj pilgrimage

20 August, 2017

Group of eight British-Muslims become the first Britons to cycle to Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage from northern Europe.

Deaths, injuries reported as rockets strike Damascus business fair

20 August, 2017

Rocket fire killed five people and injured dozens more on Sunday near the Damascus International Fair, a key business gathering being held for the first time in five years.

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