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Six Arab films that should be at the Oscars

25 February, 2017

Every year a few critically acclaimed productions from the MENA region go unnoticed by the Academy, and 2017 is no exception.

Uptick in Syria violence rattles Geneva negotiations

25 February, 2017

Video: Frequent violation of the ceasefire in Syria provokes doubts over the Assad regime's commitment to Geneva talks.

Syrian doctor coins new term for children's extreme war-trauma

25 February, 2017

Syrian children who survived the devastating ongoing crisis are suffering from post-traumatic stress. But their experience is more than the physical and emotional trauma that medical professions usually see.

Stowing survival: Syrian seeds returned to Norway's 'Doomsday Vault'

25 February, 2017

Food diversity conservationists hail the return of Syrian seeds to a global safety vault as a success for the food security of future generations in the war-torn country.

Top Saudi official makes groundbreaking visit to Iraqi capital

25 February, 2017

In the first such visit since 2003, the Saudi foreign minister has arrived in the Iraqi capital for talks.

US general 'promises Syrian fighters weapons' in covert meeting

25 February, 2017

A top US General in charge of Middle East operations has met in secret with an anti-IS alliance and pledged continued support

Al-Qaeda affiliate mounts 'suicide offensive' on Homs regime headquarters

25 February, 2017

Jabhat Fateh al-Sham fighters overpowered regime forces at roadside checkpoints on Saturday, allowing two suicide bombers to attack two security headquarters in Homs.

What's in a name? Pentagon drops 'ISIL' for 'ISIS'

25 February, 2017

The US Department of Defence has changed the terminology referring to Islamic State group from 'ISIL' to 'ISIS' to be consistent with Donald Trump's language in the January 28 directive.

'The White Helmets' cinematographer can't attend Oscars

25 February, 2017

A Syrian cinematographer who worked on the Oscar nominated film, "The White Helmets," has been denied entry into the US to attend the Academy Awards.

Protests erupt across Jordan against price hikes

25 February, 2017

Jordanians took to the streets to demand the government resign after the cabinet imposed a new sales tax on telecoms use, bread, fuel, cigarettes and fizzy drinks.

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