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Trump's travel ban to expire on Sunday

22 September, 2017

Trump's controversial travel ban which blocked travellers from six Muslim-majority countries entering the US expires on Sunday, with little clarity on the White House's next steps.

Migrants face more danger after disputed Italy-Libya deal

20 September, 2017

In-depth: By reinforcing Europe's fortress policy, Italy is further endangering the lives of vulnerable migrants rather than solving the crisis, reports Alessandra Bajec.

Selfie jihadi: Inside al-Qaeda's Snapchat network

19 September, 2017

In-depth: Al-Qaeda’s leadership has warned fighters in Syria to avoid Snapchat, which, though popular with Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, could allow Western intelligence agencies to spy on them, reports Austin Bodetti.

How Saudi Arabia miscalculated its war in Yemen

14 September, 2017

Comment: Saudi Arabia has over-reached fighting an enemy whose links with Iran have been exaggerated, all while Riyadh's main ally is losing power at an alarming rate, writes Mahad Dirieh.

Art exhibition '100 Days of Blockade' unveiled in Doha

13 September, 2017

Qatar's museum authority has launched the first stage of an art exhibition focused on a diplomatic and economic blockade of the Gulf emirate by four Arab countries.

Who is Haitham al-Mayahi?

13 September, 2017

The Iraqi-American occupies a powerful position in Iraq, serving as a semi-official spokesperson for a notorious Iranian-backed Shia militia, while running a counter-extremism youth group, reports Austin Bodetti.

Red Cross driver killed in S. Sudan ambush

09 September, 2017

An ambush on a humanitarian aid convoy left a Red Cross driver dead in South Sudan, the organisation said on Saturday.

Sudan closes borders with Libya, South Sudan and Chad

07 September, 2017

Sudan has closed its borders with South Sudan, Chad and Libya in efforts to stop arms trafficking, its vice president said, revealing thousands of smuggled vehicles were used in crimes.

US slaps sanctions on senior South Sudan officials

07 September, 2017

The United States applied sanctions on Wednesday to three officials from South Sudan accused of instigating and profiting from the four-year civil war in Africa's youngest country.

How Iraqi militias got hold of American tanks

04 September, 2017

In-depth: The US has unwittingly armed American-killing Iranian proxies and terrorist organisations with its best tanks, reports Austin Bodetti.

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