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Israel cancels its mass deportation of African asylum seekers

02 April, 2018

Israel has canceled its plan to mass deport thousands of African asylum seekers after reaching a deal with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Eritrea's Qatar attacks don't come out the blue

30 March, 2018

Analysis: UAE and Saudi designs on the Red Sea have seen East Africa's Eritrea join the blockade of Qatar. Asmara's rhetoric against Doha now mirrors the Riyadh-led bloc's line.

Suicides rise as South Sudan struggles with post trauma

29 March, 2018

Thirty-one people attempted to kill themselves in 2017 at the "Protection of Civilians" displacement camp in South Sudan, the International Organisation for Migration said.

Sudan, Qatar set to sign $4 billion port deal

27 March, 2018

Sudan's transport minister has said that a deal to develop a Red Sea port jointly with Qatar is close to being finalised.

Thousands protest in Israel against expulsion of African migrants

24 March, 2018

Thousands of Israelis and migrants protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday against the government's plan to expel African migrants who arrived illegally.

UN: Conflict is the main cause of global hunger

24 March, 2018

Around 60% of the 815 million chronically hungry people who don't know where their next meal is coming from live in conflict areas.

US restricts trade with South Sudanese oil firms

23 March, 2018

US State Department spokeswoman said exporters will henceforth need a license to export, re-export or transfer US technology or equipment to 15 "South Sudanese oil-related entities."

Saudi megaproject harnesses Egypt's Sinai, but at what cost?

22 March, 2018

Comment: For Mohammed bin Salman, $10 billion is not an investment in Egypt's future, so much as a payment to its military for supporting his ambitions, writes Robert Springborg.

Egypt, Sudan vow to cooperate over Ethiopia's Nile dam

20 March, 2018

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir met his Egyptian counterpart in Cairo on Monday, as the two countries look to repair ties that were recently frayed

Netanyahu says African migrants a 'greater threat' than jihadis

20 March, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has praised an electrified fence running along the Israel-Egypt border, saying it kept out jihadists and African migrants.

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