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South Sudan world's 'most difficult place' for aid workers

20 August, 2017

South Sudan is the most difficult place in the world for aid workers, a senior UN official said on Friday, with at least 15 killed so far in 2017.

'More than one million South Sudan refugees in Uganda'

17 August, 2017

South Sudan's brutal civil war has forced more than one million people to flee to neighbouring Uganda alone, the UN's refugee agency said on Thursday.

South Sudan refugees face long exile: UN's Grandi

16 August, 2017

The UN's refugee chief has said a long period of exile lies ahead for South Sudanese refugees fleeing the civil war.

US slams Saudi Arabia in damning religious freedom report

15 August, 2017

The US has issued its annual religious freedom report, slamming its allies in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, for what it said was the persecution of their religious minorities.

Only democracy in the Middle East? Far from it

09 August, 2017

Comment: Free speech is an integral part of any democracy. The legal case against respected Israeli-Canadian reporter and analyst David Sheen lays Israeli hypocrisy to bare, writes Antony Loewenstein.

Violence creating 'lost generation' of Middle East men: study

08 August, 2017

Suicide and murder are rising fast in the Middle East and nearby regions that are already grappling with war and conflict, creating a "lost generation," researchers have found.

South Sudan military captures rebel headquarters near Ethiopia border

07 August, 2017

The South Sudanese army say they have captured the border town of Pagak, which has been the main base of fighters loyal to rebel leader Riek Machar.

Sudan-Saudi summit meeting in Morocco held during 'private meeting'

04 August, 2017

The President of Sudan flew with an extensive entourage of his top ministers on a 'private trip' to Tangiers on Thursday to meet the king of Saudi Arabia.

Violence, arson at South Sudanese refugee camp in Sudan

04 August, 2017

The UN refugee agency and the White Nile police chief confirmed there was unrest at the camp where some 50,000 South Sudanese refugees live.

East Libya closes Sudan consulate over alleged people smuggling

27 July, 2017

The east Libyan government closed the Sudanese consulate in the south-eastern city of Kufra, a major smuggling route for migrants.

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