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Sisi's prisons 'breeding ground' for radicalisation: former prisoner

12 December, 2017

Rights groups estimate political prisoners in Egypt to be around a staggering 60,000. The injustice in Egypt's prisons has left many seeking revenge.

Erdogan, Putin 'finalise missile deal, agree on Jerusalem'

12 December, 2017

Trump's outrageous decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has cemented unlikely allies in Erdogan and Putin.

Cairo, Moscow sign contract for Egypt's first nuclear plant

11 December, 2017

Moscow and Cairo signed a final contract on Monday that will see energy hungry Egypt light up with its first nuclear power plant.

Al-Azhar's strong stance on Jerusalem move 'embarrasses' Sisi

11 December, 2017

Egypt's top Muslim cleric has 'unilaterally' decided to strongly condemn Trump's announcement that the US recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, sources say.

New best friends: Russia's Putin visits Cairo and Ankara

11 December, 2017

Russian leader Vladimir Putin will begin a historic visit to Egypt and Turkey on Monday, two leading Sunni Muslim powers that have had complex relations with a growingly assertive Moscow.

Abbas and Sisi to discuss Trump Jerusalem move

11 December, 2017

Abbas will travel to Cairo to meet with the Egyptian President to discuss Trump's declaration on Jerusalem.

Egypt revives plans for new desert capital

10 December, 2017

Plans for a new Egyptian capital were first announced in March 2015 and it has been touted as a solution to overcrowding, pollution and rising house prices in Cairo.

Al-Azhar cancels meeting with US vice president

08 December, 2017

Egypt's highest religious institution cancelled a meeting with the American vice president, due to take place on December 20, following President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Sisi yet to denounce Trump Jerusalem move

08 December, 2017

The Egyptian president's failure to condemn Trump's Jerusalem move raises questions over his international allegiances.

Shafiq saga sheds light on Egypt's shady media

07 December, 2017

Comment: Egyptian media has supported the Sisi regime, but when Shafiq, an old ally, threatened Sisi's dominance, the true nature of Egyptian media institutions was revealed, writes Gehad Quisay.

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