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Sisi scores 'own goal' praising Israel gas deal

21 February, 2018

President Sisi has claimed Egypt 'scored a goal' with a deal to pay $15 billion to Israel for gas, but not everyone agrees the goal was in the right end.

Egypt court puts Sisi critic on terror list

21 February, 2018

Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a former leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is accused of joining an illegally formed group and spreading false news that could harm Egypt.

Egypt anxious as Nile-dam talks delayed amid Ethiopia chaos

19 February, 2018

Talks over a controversial dam on the Nile that has raised Egyptian concern have been stalled amid turmoil in Ethiopia.

Egypt authorities 'committing mass suicide' warns ElBaradei amid crackdown

17 February, 2018

An Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has warned authorities are 'committing mass suicide' in its crackdown on dissent ahead of next month's presidential election.

Egypt arrests ex-presidential candidate Abul Fotouh

14 February, 2018

Egyptian police have arrested Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a leading government critic and party leader, along with five of his aides on Wednesday, security officials said.

'Freedom of speech, democracy' destroying Egypt, says top lawmaker

14 February, 2018

Freedom of speech and democracy are fronts used by dissidents to destroy the state, Egypt's speaker of parliament has said in the latest attack against the country's already crippled media.

Egypt arrests barred presidential challenger's aide after 'blackmail threat'

13 February, 2018

Egyptian police have arrested the country's former anti-graft chief after he suggested that a presidential hopeful he campaigned for had documents implicating current leaders.

Tillerson praises military, encourages fair elections during Egypt visit

13 February, 2018

The US envoy voiced his support for fair elections in Egypt, but made no mention of human rights or the political situation during his meeting with President Sisi.

Egypt bans 'sexually suggestive' Saturday Night Live

12 February, 2018

Egypt has banned the Arabic version of US comedy 'Saturday Night Live' from television for violating ethical standards, the country's media regulator said, citing its 'sexually suggestive' humour.

Islamic State calls for attacks to disrupt Egypt elections

12 February, 2018

The threats were made in a 23-minute video posted late on Sunday on websites known to be sympathetic to the group.

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