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Hamas amended-charter 'drops anti-Semitic language and accepts 1967 borders'

29 April, 2017

Hamas is to unveil a new version of its controversial founding charter which called for the destruction of Israel in a bid to ease its international isolation, party officials said.

Video shows Egypt tribesmen burn IS militant alive

29 April, 2017

An Islamic State group militant was burned alive by the Egyptian al-Tarabin tribe in the country's tense Sinai region, reports said on Friday.

Pope quotes Arab Spring protest slogan in Cairo speech

28 April, 2017

Pope Francis subtly made asides to the Egyptian regime's excesses as a cause for the country's security woes.

Is Tariq Ramadan whitewashing Iranian brutality in Syria?

28 April, 2017

Comment: It's high time that respected academic and Muslim thinker, Tariq Ramadan publicly recognised that Iran's actions in Syria and beyond are sectarian and genocidal, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

Saudi-Egypt relations: Trump the marriage broker?

28 April, 2017

Analysis: To what extent did the US facilitate a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Egypt this week, and who really benefitted from it? asks Robert Springborg.

The growing rift between Sisi's parliament and al-Azhar

28 April, 2017

In the latest of regime attacks on al-Azhar, MP Mohamed Abu Hamed proposes a law to limit the powers of the Grand Imam by delegating essential roles to the president.

Pope of peace in tense Egypt

28 April, 2017

The Pope visits Egypt today, three weeks after the Palm Sunday bombings. But disillusionment is growing among Egypt's long-persecuted Coptic community, says Jo Schietti.

Pope Francis heads to Egypt on 'mission of brotherhood'

28 April, 2017

Pope Francis said he wanted this visit to be a "hug of consolation and encouragement to all the Christians in the Middle East".

Egypt's al-Azhar challenged amid pressure to reform

28 April, 2017

Al-Azhar, Egypt's top Islamic authority, has been at the centre of a messy collision between politics and theology since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi began campaigning for religious reforms.

Coptic Christians – Egypt's forsaken community

27 April, 2017

The latest attacks on Egyptian Copts was shocking, but hardly new. Copts face discrimination daily from their fellow countrymen and from the regime that granted them equality in the constitution.

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