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Egypt lawyer 'gives the finger' amid islands verdict celebrations

18 January, 2017

Khaled Ali, a former presidential candidate, was photographed and filmed making the ill-mannered gesture following Monday's ruling.

Trump's march to the White House

18 January, 2017

Special coverage of the 70-year-old billionaire's ascension to power

Saudi Arabia's energy minister upbeat despite US shale recovery

18 January, 2017

Saudi Arabia is putting on a brave face as US shale recovery looms, which could override global production caps and threaten to drive oil prices down even further.

Tiran and Sanafir: Turning the political tide for Sisi?

17 January, 2017

Comment: The honeymoon is over for the Egyptian president, and his support may ebb away in the wake of the islands debacle, writes Robert Springborg.

Obama's drone war: Ten times more strikes than Bush

17 January, 2017

Investigation: Obama may have won the Nobel peace prize, but escalated the drone warfare programme to unprecedented levels, reports Jessica Purkis and Jack Searle.

Welcome back, OPEC

17 January, 2017

Analysis: Two years of squabbling over plunging prices almost disbanded the oil cartel, but after several non-OPEC countries got on board to limit production, OPEC's back in the game.

Analysis: Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian, after all

17 January, 2017

Monday's final court ruling over the Red Sea islands came amid public outcry at Sisi government's unpopular agreement with Saudi Arabia, reports Jo Schietti.

Saudis furious after Egypt strikes down islands transfer deal

17 January, 2017

Saudis have called for international arbitration and even the expulsion of Egyptians after a court voided an agreement to hand over two Red Sea islands to the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia 'optimistic' over Trump stance on Iran

17 January, 2017

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said he was positive about the way the incoming US administration wanted to restore US influence in the world, contain Iran, and fight IS.

Hopes and dreams: This week in Middle East football

17 January, 2017

Arab football received a massive boost this week, as FIFA announced that the World Cup could be expanded to 48 teams giving countries in the region new hopes of competing.

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