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China 'offers to buy five percent of Saudi Aramco'

16 October, 2017

Chinese state-owned oil companies are reportedly looking to directly purchase a five percent share in Saudi Aramco that the kingdom is considering listing as an IPO in 2018.

'Oil production cuts might not be needed,' Kuwait says

16 October, 2017

Oil producers might not need to cut production beyond March if all OPEC members fully comply with their output pledges, a Kuwaiti minister has claimed.

Malaysia rolls out red carpet for Qatari Emir

16 October, 2017

Sheikh Tamim is scheduled to meet Malaysia's prime minister and king, followed by a state banquet at the palace, in his second trip abroad since the Gulf crisis began.

Stolen education: Yemen's classrooms empty on first school day

15 October, 2017

Yemen's classrooms remained largely empty in rebel-held cities, including the capital on Sunday, as teachers who have not been paid continued to strike.

Saudi Arabia cancels Egyptian singer Sherine's charity concert

15 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia's entertainment authority says it has cancelled plans for a concert featuring famous Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab.

Saudi keeps options open on Aramco IPO​

15 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia is keeping its options open on the sale of Aramco shares, following reports that the IPO could be limited to the Riyadh stock exchange.

Ex-Tunisian dictator Ben Ali makes public appearance

15 October, 2017

Photos of the ousted ex-Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali attending the lavish engagement of his daughter appeared online on Friday.

Yemen's Saleh recovering from surgery by Russian medical team

14 October, 2017

Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh is recovering from an unspecified operation, after a Russian team was flown into the capital Sanaa to treat the former dictator.

UAE joins Saudi-Israeli backing of Trump's aggressive Iran strategy

14 October, 2017

The UAE has become one of a handful of nations to back an announcement by US President Donald Trump to revise or tear up a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Saudi Aramco denies international IPO is being shelved

14 October, 2017

Saudi oil giant moves to allay speculation that it is considering shelving or scrapping its international IPO following reports in Western media outlets.

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