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The great guide to Middle East World Cup teams

11 June, 2018

Five Middle East and North African national teams will play in Russia 2018, the most Middle Eastern World Cup ever.

Blockaded Qatar takes UAE to International Court of Justice

11 June, 2018

Qatar will file a case against the UAE over the "devastating" effect of the blockade on human rights of Qataris.

Doha Institute publishes response to critical Bishara profile

08 June, 2018

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies was 'shocked' by the publication of a profile of Azmi Bishara, claiming it was 'part of a smear campaign'.

Saudi Arabia and UAE move closer with joint strategy

07 June, 2018

The UAE-Saudi Coordination Council is expected to eclipse the pan-Gulf GCC alliance.

UAE and Saudi Arabia are fabricating news through AFP

06 June, 2018

Comment: Attempts by the UAE and Saudi Arabia to disseminate fake news about Azmi Bishara through the respected news source, AFP, have failed, writes Abbad Yahya.

AFP endorses regime-led narrative against leading Arab democrat

06 June, 2018

Why did the AFP decide to publish a slanderous piece about Azmi Bishara, a prominent proponent of democracy and freedom in the region?

Qatar 'stronger' after year-long Saudi-led boycott

05 June, 2018

Qatar's foreign minister has said his country is stronger than ever on the first anniversary of a bitter Gulf diplomatic rift.

Qatar responds to reported Saudi threat of military action

05 June, 2018

Qatar's foreign minister has responded to reported threats of military action from Saudi Arabia, warning that the move violates international law and a Gulf cooperation charter.

Fear and Loathing on the Arabian Peninsula

05 June, 2018

Comment: The stalemate continues after a year of blockade and barbs, writes Andrew Leber.

Qatar blockade 'unlawful, unjustified and disproportionate', new report says

04 June, 2018

The Qatar blockade has had significant impact on the human rights of persons both within Qatar and in the four states of the Quartet, a new report has said.

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