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Grammar jihad: Arabic spelling mistakes earn hefty fines

05 February, 2018

In what is perhaps a world first, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is to impose a $275 fine for Arabic grammar bloopers on signs and billboards.

Kuwait sentences blogger to 5 years for 'insulting' UAE

05 February, 2018

Social media figure Abdullah al-Saleh has been sentenced to an extra five years in prison after criticising the UAE's role in the region.

Anti-Doha bloc plotted 'invasion', says Qatar defence minister

04 February, 2018

A Saudi-led bloc boycotting Qatar plotted to invade Doha at the start of the Gulf crisis last year, Qatar's defence minister has revealed.

Soccer breaks through the blockade of Qatar

01 February, 2018

The Champions League of the Asian Football Confederation could be an opportunity for mutual respect amid the blockade on Qatar, writes Anthony Harwood.

Oman aviation set to soar

31 January, 2018

Analysis: The sultanate is establishing itself as a regional hub, and is seeing business take off, writes Alex Macheras.

UN giving 'green light' to Riyadh's human rights abuses

31 January, 2018

The international community must take a stand against Saudi Arabia's arbitrary detentions and disappearances, rights lawyer Rodney Dixon QC tells The New Arab.

Riyalpolitik and black gold: The scourge of the petrodollar

31 January, 2018

Comment: Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman is using the kingdom's vast wealth to back dictators, toy with the fates of other nations and ignite sectarianism, writes Nael Shama.

Qatar-US alliance reaffirmed at end of Washington strategic dialogue

31 January, 2018

The US is looking to resolve the GCC crisis, which since June has pitted Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt against Qatar.

Trump's 'sovereignty safeguards' leave Yemeni refugees for dead

30 January, 2018

Comment: The US is opting out of global solutions to share responsibility for the burden of migration which it has promulgated, writes Rose Worden.

Qatar plans massive expansion of US military base

30 January, 2018

Al Udeid is currently the largest US military base in the Middle East and is critical to US air operations in the region

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