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Six Arab films that should be at the Oscars

25 February, 2017

Every year a few critically acclaimed productions from the MENA region go unnoticed by the Academy, and 2017 is no exception.

Coldplay in Israel, Palestine to 'listen and learn'

25 February, 2017

Band says earlier rumours about an Israel tour being planned are "incorrect," amid further reports that more celebrities are rejecting state-sponsored invites to the country.

Legal misogyny in Palestine must end

24 February, 2017

Comment: The Palestinian Authority invokes international law to justify self-determination, it cannot act selectively when it comes to its own responsibility to protect and ensure human rights, writes Sonia Boulos.

Palestinian comeback: Will 2017's Arab Idol be another Assaf?

24 February, 2017

Two of the three Arab Idol finalists this year are Palestinians, and there is much excitement in Palestine ahead of Friday's showdown and final results Saturday.

Knesset moves to expel Palestinian-Israeli MK 'without legal basis'

24 February, 2017

The Knesset's legal advisor, Eyal Yanoun, said that the submission by 71 Knesset members should not be applied, as Ghattas' case 'lacks sufficient evidence'.

Israel denies visas to Human Right Watch over 'bias'

24 February, 2017

Israel refuses to issue visas to Human Rights Watch workers, accusing the NGO of holding an "extreme, hostile and anti-Israel agenda".

Hundreds of Australians protest Netanyahu's arrival in Sydney

23 February, 2017

A large group of Australian protesters congregated in the area in front of Sydney town hall to protest against the continued occupation of Palestinian land.

Elusive as ever, two-state remains the only option

23 February, 2017

Comment: Rejecting the two-state solution and failing to offer equal citizenship to Palestinians would see Israel become an ethnocracy. The two-state solution must prevail, writes Otman Aitlkaboud.

Israel prevents EU lawmakers from entering Gaza Strip

23 February, 2017

Five European parliamentarians said Wednesday that Israeli authorities had prevented them from entering the Gaza Strip.

UN concerned over Israeli demolition plans in West Bank

22 February, 2017

The United Nations raised concerns Wednesday over newly announced demolition plans in a Palestinian Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank that threaten dozens of buildings including a primary school.

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