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Israeli government approves 31 settler homes in Hebron

16 October, 2017

Several hundred Israeli settlers live in the heart of Hebron under heavy military guard among some 200,000 Palestinians.

From Balfour to Boris: Britain's broken promises in Palestine

16 October, 2017

The long read: In its centenary year, Professor Avi Shlaim examines the impact of the Balfour Declaration and Britain's 'deviousness, duplicity and double-standards' in Palestine, writes Ben Clarke.

BDS' fight against worldwide state repression

16 October, 2017

Comment: The Israel-boycott movement is gaining strength, and attempts to close down events have only inspired activists to carry on the fight, writes Malia Bouattia.

Back to earth: This week in Middle East football

16 October, 2017

Syria's national team stars return to club action, but continue to shine - with some attracting attention from bigger teams abroad, despite losing to Australia in the World Cup qualifiers.

PLO: 'US risks isolating itself by alienating Palestinians'

16 October, 2017

The PLO has warned that the US faces international isolation due to its decision to withdraw from the UN's cultural association UNESCO over its perceived anti-Israel bias.

Former French culture minister picked to head UNESCO

13 October, 2017

Audrey Azoulay, who is Jewish of Moroccan origin, will face the difficult task of trying to persuade the United States and Israel to remain as members.

What must happen next for a Palestinian peace deal

13 October, 2017

Comment: Fatah and Hamas coming together will make the Palestinian negotiating position more effective, but we shouldn't hold our breath just yet, writes Daoud Kuttab.

Qatar crisis looms over UNESCO leadership vote

13 October, 2017

Two Arab candidates and France's former culture minister are vying to become the new head of the UN's embattled culture and education agency on Friday.

From Iran to UNESCO: Trump's Withdrawal Doctrine

13 October, 2017

Comment: Trump's withdrawal of the US from landmark international agreements is little more than a fast-track to easy praise from Fox News and conservative media, writes Andrew Leber.

Israel slams landmark Palestine deal, says Hamas must disarm

13 October, 2017

Israel's prime minister has strongly condemned an agreement on ending a decade-long split between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah.

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