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Trump's UN nominee supports US embassy move to Jerusalem

19 January, 2017

Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next US ambassador to the United Nations, told senators Wednesday that she supports plans to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Why is Israel demolishing Bedouin homes in Umm al-Hiran?

18 January, 2017

Two people were killed on Wednesday during a house demolition in the village of Umm al-Hiran. But why is Israel demolishing Bedouin homes in the first place?

The wedding conflict: Why Gazans are refusing marriage

18 January, 2017

Official Palestinian statistics show that there are 125,000 single women of marriageable age, in a population of 180,000.

Trump washes his hands of Syria

18 January, 2017

Comment: In his recent Times interview, Trump displayed a callous attitude to Syria, and reiterated his deeply flawed plan of a grand US-Russia coalition against IS, writes James Snell.

Get Me Out of Here: Gaza's marriage crisis

18 January, 2017

As Gazans struggle to make ends meet, rising unemployment, soaring prices and social expectations make marriage impossible writes Mohammed Arafat.

Palestinian political unity on the cards following Moscow deal

17 January, 2017

Hamas and Fatah have announced they will form a unity government before general elections in the Palestinian territories, following meetings in Moscow.

Hebron: 20 years of apartheid and oppression

17 January, 2017

Comment: The 1997 agreement bringing much of Hebron under Palestinian control was expected be a stepping-stone to sovereignty, but 20 years later, discrimination is worse than ever, writes Daoud Kuttab.

Hopes and dreams: This week in Middle East football

17 January, 2017

Arab football received a massive boost this week, as FIFA announced that the World Cup could be expanded to 48 teams giving countries in the region new hopes of competing.

Hamas slams 'absurd' Paris peace conference

17 January, 2017

Palestinian movement Hamas rejected the outcome of a Paris conference on Monday, saying it was a return to the negotiation approach which lost the rights of the Palestinians.

Elor Azaria's gun: Redefining the rifts in Israeli society

16 January, 2017

In-depth: Reactions to the Elor Azaria affair - in which an Israeli soldier shot dead a wounded Palestinian alleged attacker, have crystalised deeply-engrained rifts within Israeli society, writes Hannah Gal.

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