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Israel ignores UN resolution to end illegal settlement building

24 March, 2017

The UN has found that Israel ignored a Security Council resolution demanding the halt of settlement building on Palestinian territories, Middle East envoy Nickolay Mladenov said on Friday.

Israeli policeman suspended after beating Palestinian truck driver

24 March, 2017

An Israeli policeman caught on video beating up a Palestinian truck driver in east Jerusalem on Thursday was suspended from his post, police said.

US Senate approves settlement backer as Israel ambassador

24 March, 2017

An anti-Palestinian, pro-settlement figure has been approved to become the US' envoy to Israel on Thursday, despite his history of undiplomatic declarations.

The 'A' word: Is Israel's censorship strategy sustainable?

23 March, 2017

Comment: Israel and its allies will need to engage in ever more outrageous censorship to keep a lid on the burgeoning criticism of it, writes Hilary Aked.

Israeli settlement activity increased by 40 percent in 2016

23 March, 2017

Israeli construction of illegal settlement homes in the occupied West Bank rose by 40 percent in 2016 compared with the previous year, official figures showed Wednesday.

Jesus rises: Restored historic shrine reopens in Jerusalem

23 March, 2017

A historic tomb said to have been the last resting place of Jesus has been reopened to pilgrims after a nine-month restoration project funded by Jordan's king among others.

Banksy's hotel isn’t gentrification, it's an invitation to Palestine

22 March, 2017

Comment: The Walled Off hotel may draw people away from Israel's carefully constructed narrative, writes Rory Evans.

Hamas seeks to rebrand itself in new political programme

22 March, 2017

Palestinian faction Hamas has ruled Gaza for the past decade, and is now drafting a new political programme it hopes will improve ties with Egypt and the West.

Australian probe clears World Vision over Gaza case

22 March, 2017

An Australian government probe has found no evidence taxpayer money was misused by World Vision in the Gaza Strip, after Israel alleged millions of dollars were diverted to Hamas.

Israeli shelling kills Palestinian teenager in Gaza

22 March, 2017

A Palestinian teenager was killed and two others were injured early Wednesday after Israeli tanks fired at them near Gaza's southern border with Israel.

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