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Transfers and tribulations: This week in Middle East football

19 July, 2017

Blog: What impact will the Gulf blockade have on Qatar's World Cup? Rumours of demands made of FIFA, as well as usual transfer speculation, has fuelled headlines, writes Uri Levy.

Is it time to write the GCC's epitaph?

17 July, 2017

Comment: Now that they feel relatively secure, GCC members - particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE - are more confident in attacking others, threatening the GCC's union, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Qatar uncowed: Boycott-busting bovine arrive to break siege

12 July, 2017

A first batch of boycott-busting cows have been airlifted to Qatar to boost milk supplies in the country after a Saudi-led coalition cut ties with Doha last month.

EU and GCC: No union too sacred to fail

11 July, 2017

Comment: GCC nations share a language, culture and relatively homogenous ethnic makeup, yet it is unlikely to last as long as the European Union has, writes Seraj Assi.

Visiting Doha, Tillerson calls Qatari position 'reasonable'

11 July, 2017

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters in the Qatari capital Doha on Tuesday it had "reasonable" views in the month-old diplomatic crisis with Arab neighbours.

These Middle Eastern countries still criminalise homosexuality

08 July, 2017

As Londoners on Saturday marked 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, same-sex relationships in some countries in the Middle East are still punishable by death.

Washington and Riyadh must defuse the war hysteria

06 July, 2017

Comment: The time has come for a bold and inclusive social contract between Middle East states and the US, and between regimes and their peoples, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Top 5 most ridiculous Cairo press conference moments

05 July, 2017

'Why doesn't Qatar want us to smile?' asked UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed. No, really, he did.

Qatar remains defiant as Saudi-UAE ultimatum is rejected

05 July, 2017

The past month has seen a remarkable change of fortunes for the tiny Gulf state, reports Paul McLoughlin.

Britain makes £4.1 billion in Middle East weapons sales

04 July, 2017

Government figures show that two thirds of UK arms exports go to the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia buying the lion's share.

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