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US, Gulf states sanction Yemen IS, al-Qaeda leaders

25 October, 2017

Top Islamic State and al-Qaeda figures in Yemen were slapped with sanctions after a joint decision by the United States and six Gulf states on Wednesday.

Kuwait ruler says Qatar crisis could herald GCC breakup

25 October, 2017

Kuwait ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Sabah has warned that the GCC alliance could fall apart due to the ongoing diplomatic crisis over the Qatar blockade.

US-Canadian rescue saga: A silver lining for Afghan counter-insurgency?

23 October, 2017

Comment: The United States is looking more to regional allies to help bring about stability in Afghanistan, as can be seen by the Boyle family's extraction, writes Naveed Ahmad.

Low oil prices cause Gulf stock markets to plummet

22 October, 2017

Violent geopolitical events in the region and collapsed oil prices have dented liquidity levels, according to a new report published on Sunday.

International aviation authority head praises Middle East security progress

21 October, 2017

ICAO head endorses new agreements relating to security and safety made by Middle Eastern civil aviation heads made in Oman.

Anti-Qatar states try getting Kuwait on-side over FIFA ban

18 October, 2017

Gulf states currently blockading Qatar have tried to woo Kuwait by promising to boycott a football tournament in Doha unless a FIFA ban on Kuwait is lifted.

Why China's investment in Oman matters

17 October, 2017

Comment: China has an important role to play in Oman's future and transition away from an oil-based economy toward a knowledge-based one, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Qatar lifeline for 'troubled' BAE as Saudi deal stalls

11 October, 2017

As a Saudi follow-on order for Typhoon fighter jets failed to materialise this year, a Qatari order for these jets and Hawk trainer airplanes is providing a lifeline for BAE.

Palestine thrash Bhutan 10-0, in historic football performance

11 October, 2017

Palestine played Bhutan in a ten goal thriller near Hebron, which saw all the balls going into the away team's net securing a historic victory.

Vocations and vaccinations: The politics of Oman's anti-measles campaign

09 October, 2017

Analysis: Opening up to greater regional integration and economic diversification presents public health challenges to Oman's policymakers, writes Scott Weiner.

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