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Hopes and dreams: This week in Middle East football

17 January, 2017

Arab football received a massive boost this week, as FIFA announced that the World Cup could be expanded to 48 teams giving countries in the region new hopes of competing.

US transfers 10 Guantanamo prisoners to Oman

16 January, 2017

Oman has accepted 10 inmates from the US prison at Guantanamo Bay ahead of President Barack Obama leaving office.

Oman to cut oil production as prices remain sluggish

15 January, 2017

Oman's oil cut will not mean a slump in activity, says a top oil official, as the sultanate prepares for OPEC's review of the current production measures in July.

German jet lands in Kuwait over hoax bomb threat

15 January, 2017

A German plane travelling from Oman was grounded in Kuwait after a fake bomb threat.

PLO will 'revoke recognition' of Israel if embassy moved

11 January, 2017

Palestinian leadership intensifies calls for Donald Trump to reconsider embassy move after 'diplomatic friends' confirm that the US president-elect is serious about the relocation.

PLO threatens to derecognise Israel over Trump embassy move

11 January, 2017

Officials warn that the Palestinian Liberation Organisation will revoke its recognition of Israel if Donald Trump moves the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

UAE orders removal of 'Persian Gulf' from school textbook

10 January, 2017

The UAE has ordered the removal from a textbook of the term "Persian Gulf" for the waterway that is the subject of a bitter naming dispute with Iran.

Snake on a plane grounds Dubai-bound flight in Oman

09 January, 2017

A flight between Muscat and Dubai was grounded Sunday, when cabin crew discovered an unwanted passenger stowed away in the cargo hold.

Saudi Arabia dismisses talk of migrant labour reforms

09 January, 2017

Qatar and Bahrain recently announced plans to reform their migrant labour laws in the face of criticism. But on Sunday Riyadh baulked at suggestions it could follow suit.

Oman to jail litter bugs

08 January, 2017

Jail time and hefty fines will be given to people caught littering in Oman, as the sultanate seeks to retain its reputation as a place of natural beauty.

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