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Britain in Palestine: From Balfour to Boycott

02 November, 2017

Comment: 100 years have passed since Balfour signed his infamous declaration, but what can Britain do now to help end injustice in Palestine?

Islam and the European Reformation

31 October, 2017

Comment: Early Protestant thinkers were obsessed with Islam as the Reformation broke down barriers between Christian and Muslim nations, writes Usman Butt.

Morocco bans protests on anniversary of Rif demonstrations

28 October, 2017

Moroccan authorities respond to calls for protests on social media by banning demonstrations on the first anniversary of the Rif region's unrest.

Morocco arrests 4 suspected of planning attacks in Fez

26 October, 2017

Police dismantle a second suspected terror cell in less than a month in Morocco's 'Mecca of the West'.

Morocco to become space power with first-ever spy satellite

25 October, 2017

Morocco will become a space power in the coming weeks with the launch of the kingdom's first ever spy satellite which experts say could increase tensions with Algeria and Spain.

Countdown to Casablanca: This week in Middle East football

25 October, 2017

Egypt's Al Ahly Cairo and Morocco's Wydad Casablanca are vying for the African Champions League trophy, writes Uri Levy.

Morocco ministers fired over Rif development delays

25 October, 2017

King Mohammed VI sacks government ministers after an audit revealed that development projects in the Rif region are behind schedule.

‘Racist and illegal’ fast-track deportations target refugees in Greece

23 October, 2017

In-depth: The Greek authorities are deporting migrants on the Greek islands to Turkey in an expedited process - raising concerns over potentially illegal and prejudiced practices, reports Matt Broomfield.

Morocco recalls Algeria ambassador after airline 'drug trafficking accusations'

21 October, 2017

Morocco has recalled its ambassador from Algiers after Algeria's foreign minister accursed its national airline of trafficking drugs.

UN envoy meets Western Sahara independence leaders

19 October, 2017

Horst Koehler met leaders of an Algerian-backed independence movement on Wednesday, as part of his new position as the UN envoy for disputed Western Sahara.

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