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Libya allows emergency migrant 'evacuations' after slavery uproar

30 November, 2017

Migrants facing abuse at Libya detention camps could be repatriated within days or weeks, French President Macron said, as a measure to end slave trading in the North African state.

Anger and mourning after deadly Morocco stampede

27 November, 2017

Blog: Relatives have identified the bruised bodies of victims of a stampede that killed 15 women during a food aid delivery in Morocco's Essaouira.

Morocco prays for rain as dry spell endangers livelihoods

25 November, 2017

With a shortage of rain threatening Morocco's agriculture, King Mohammed VI ordered that prayers for rain be held across the country.

Arab economies look set to stay in the doldrums

23 November, 2017

Analysis: While European economies appear to have weathered the storm, dark forecasts for the Arab world persist, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

Maghreb states become new staging posts for Europe migration

20 November, 2017

Algerian coastguard intercepted 300 migrants off the North African coast, as tougher policing off Libya's waters makes Maghreb states the new launchpad for illegal migration to Europe.

Morocco food stampede kills and injures many

19 November, 2017

At least 15 Moroccans have been killed and others injured during a stampede in a southern village when volunteers handed out food aid.

Morocco's minorities demand clarity on religious freedom law

19 November, 2017

Representatives of Morocco's religious minorities gathered in an unprecedented meeting in Rabat to demand protection from repression and harassment.

More than 250 migrants rescued off Spain's coast

18 November, 2017

Spanish authorities said over 250 migrants making the dangerous crossing to Europe were rescued off the coast of Spain on Friday, with several other vessels still in need of rescue.

Russia 2018: The most Arab World Cup ever?

15 November, 2017

With five nations from across the Middle East confirmed for the 2018 World Cup,

Lebanese Judge elected to International Court of Justice

14 November, 2017

Analysis: The election of Lebanon's UN ambassador to the International Court of Justice, while the UK's ambassador didn't pass, possibly represents a shift in geopolitics, writes Monique Bouffé.

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