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Morocco authorities force hundreds of migrants out of north

11 August, 2018

Moroccan authorities have forcefully relocated hundreds of migrants in recent days from camps and homes in the kingdom's north, a local official and a rights group said Saturday.

Thousands of conservative Muslims protest Tunisia gender equality report

11 August, 2018

Conservative Muslims in Tunisia have continued demonstrations in the country's capital against gender equality and LGBT reforms.

UN plans Western Sahara talks after decade-long deadlock

09 August, 2018

Diplomatic efforts to end the conflict have been deadlocked since the last round of UN-sponsored talks in 2008.

Morocco provides 'Safe Spaces' for youth

08 August, 2018

Like much of the Arab world, Moroccan youth are concerned with rising unemployment and failing education systems. A new forum for thought could help change this, writes Julia Payne.

Morocco's Jewish leader dies in Jerusalem

07 August, 2018

Israeli media outlets have reported that Morocco's chief rabbi has passed away in Jerusalem at the age of 90.

Morocco's ancient city of Volubilis rises again

07 August, 2018

The custodians of Mount Zerhoun are bringing back the ancient site, paving way for a new tourist destination.

Morocco king sacks economy minister amid unrest

01 August, 2018

Protests have rocked the North African country since 2016, particularly in the underdeveloped Rif region.

Morocco king urges 'urgent action' on social problems

30 July, 2018

Morocco is marked by glaring social and territorial inequalities, against a backdrop of high unemployment among young people.

Spain rescues 1,200 migrants off coast over two days

29 July, 2018

Coastguards picked up 884 people in the Mediterranean on Friday and 334 people in 17 dinghies on Saturday.

Hundreds of migrants storm Morocco-Spain border

26 July, 2018

Up to 600 migrants scaled the fence into the Spanish territory of Ceuta, with some attacking police officers with quicklime.

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