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Arab League slams 'Islamic terrorism' at poorly attended summit

25 July, 2016

Arab officials have condemned Islamic terrorism as they gathered in a tent in the Mauritanian capital on Monday, in the most poorly attended Arab League summit in years.

Arab League summit cut short after Saudi-Egypt no show

25 July, 2016

The absence of regional heavyweights, Saudi Arabia and Egypt at the 27th Arab Summit talks in Mauritania has forced organisers to cut the two-day talks to just one day.

Arab foreign ministers vow 'to defeat terrorism'

23 July, 2016

Days before an important Arab League summit, foreign ministers met to announce their opposition to 'terrorism' and call for an end to conflicts plaguing the region.

Season of migration to Israel: Saudi general in Jerusalem

23 July, 2016

The visit by retired general Anwar Eshki to Israel, although not officially sanctioned by Riyadh, should be seen in the context of the Arab regimes' off-and-on affair with Tel Aviv.

UN fears Libya's IS could relocate from coastal stronghold

19 July, 2016

Following losses of IS' Libyan affiliate's territories in Sirte, the UN has warned the group could relocate to a different part of Libya.

Reinvention versus Trumpism

12 July, 2016

Comment: America is well-placed to adjust and reinvent itself, in part thanks to its diverse population. Refusing to do so would herald cultural bankruptcy, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Gaining ground: Israel's permanent representation at NATO

18 May, 2016

Comment: Israel's permanent representation at NATO reflects the extent to which international law can be manipulated and violations overlooked, argues Ramona Wadi.

The Moroccan King is right to criticise Ban Ki-moon

28 April, 2016

Comment: Ban Ki-Moon's biased and ill-informed assessment of the situation in Western Sahara has angered the monarch and shows he is no longer fit for the job, says Samir Bennis.

Why is AQIM still a regional threat?

24 March, 2016

Comment: While international media focuses on ISIS, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb remains a regional threat, and its attack are as deadly as ever, argues Dr. Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck

Moroccans rally to protest UN chief's Western Sahara comments

13 March, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of people marched on Sunday in Rabat to protest against the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s statements on the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

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