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France hosts Israeli, Arab officials at anti-terror conference

27 April, 2015

France's justice ministry is hosting a gathering of judicial and security officials, including several from Arab states as well as Israel, to discuss international cooperation against terrorism.

Mauritanian capital at risk from rising sea levels

14 April, 2015

Satellite imagery has revealed increased flooding risk to areas of Nouakchott due to rising sea levels in the Atlantic, with western parts of the city most at risk.

Mauritania rally for rights of Haratin

12 April, 2015

Haratins are to hold a rally to raise awareness of their social, political and economic rights.

Workers assert power in Mauritania mine strike

06 April, 2015

Feature: A strike called by Mauritanian iron ore workers appears to be bearing fruit as production falls close to zero and the economy risks collapse.

Mauritania miners strike for justice

31 March, 2015

Feature: A strike organised by iron ore workers and sympathetic dockers has entered its second month. It highlights the intolerable conditions for labourers who risk their lives daily.

Who is attending the Arab summit?

28 March, 2015

As Arab leaders gather in Egypt for a critical summit, Al-Araby el-Jadeed looks at the summit's agenda, and who is attending the gathering in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Welcoming home Mauritania's outsiders

25 March, 2015

Feature: Mauritanian expatriates have long believed that their countrymen back home view them as cash cows to exploit. Now, with unrest gripping their host countries, many are forced home.

Cruelty and joy in Timbuktu

14 March, 2015

Review: The beautifully filmed movie looks at life under the control of an Islamist-jihadi group in Mauritania.

Arab joint-defence treaty? Try something new

05 March, 2015

Analysis: Confronting 21st century terrorism with a joint-Arab military agreement signed in 1950 would only exacerbate problems, according to one analyst.

The world's richest Arabs - and what they're worth

04 March, 2015

Blog: The Forbes Rich List includes 45 Arab billionaires with a combined fortune of $166bn - more than the entire combined annual budgets of the 11th poorest Arab countries.

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