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Critics round on Lebanese Catholic Cardinal over Syria visit

08 December, 2015

Critics rounded on the Patriarch of the powerful Lebanese Maronite after he visited Latakia and Tartus in Syria, saying such visits legitimised the Assad's regime.

From Rio to Riyadh: Arab and Latin America meet

10 November, 2015

A summit held every three years between Arab and South America leaders is being held in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, to bolster ties between the two regions.

#SisiSupportsIsrael: Egypt's UN vote for Israel sparks harsh criticism

03 November, 2015

Blog: Following Egypt's first ever vote in favour of Israel in the UN, social media users have come down hard on the Egyptian government.

Online campaign calls for release of Mauritanian anti-slavery activist

15 October, 2015

A leading Arab human rights organisation is seeking to highlight the case of Biram Dah Abeid, an activist imprisoned for his relentless efforts to abolish slavery in Mauritania.

Nouakchott faces water crisis

15 June, 2015

The government has failed to act to offset a water crisis that is engulfing the Mauritanian capital.

Arrests and leaked questions tarnish end-of-year exams in Egypt

14 June, 2015

Rampant cheating and leaked questions have plagued final school exams in many countries in the Middle East, with Egypt faring the worst this year.

Sealed borders and closed minds between Morocco and Algeria

08 May, 2015

Comment: Fraught relations between Morocco and Algeria continue, despite a growing extremist threat in the region, says George Joffe.

Global press freedom on the retreat

01 May, 2015

Freedom of the press around the world has declined to the lowest level in a decade, a survey warned ahead of Sunday's World Press Freedom Day.

Faking it in Mauritania's health system

29 April, 2015

Feature: A growth in fake medical credentials is forcing locals to seek treatment abroad, and contributing to a rise in medical errors, says Khadija al-Tayyib.

France hosts Israeli, Arab officials at anti-terror conference

27 April, 2015

France's justice ministry is hosting a gathering of judicial and security officials, including several from Arab states as well as Israel, to discuss international cooperation against terrorism.

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