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Mauritania votes to change constitution despite widespread protests

09 March, 2017

A proposed change to the country's constitution passed the country's upper house of parliament on Thursday - despite widespread protests over living conditions.

Clash of titans: This week in Middle East football

15 February, 2017

The capitals of Iraq and Iran were both ignited by two local derbies, which brought more than just football to stadiums packed with tens of thousands of raucous fans.

Morocco religious authority rules no death penalty for apostates

13 February, 2017

Morocco's religious authorities have ruled that people who leave Islam should not be punished with the death penalty, reversing its previous ruling on apostasy.

Gambia presidential crisis continues as Trump prepares for office

20 January, 2017

Defeated President Yahya Jammeh has been told to cede power or face military action by a UN-backed regional force now massing inside the country having crossed from Senegal on Thursday

Mauritania's Algeria alliance leaves Morocco out in the cold

03 January, 2017

In-depth: Nouakchott's diplomats seek to balance economic relations with Algeria and Morocco while becoming a hub for strategic dialogue.

2016 a bleak year for journalists in the Gulf

31 December, 2016

For journalists in the Gulf region, 2016 was a grim one with press freedoms curtailed and financial woes from low oil prices biting the Middle East's wealthiest nations.

Morocco must rekindle relations with Mauritania

30 December, 2016

Comment: Morocco's foreign ministry should coordinate with its Mauritanian counterpart to reopen communication channels between the two countries, writes Samir Bennis

Divisions among Arab states on climate change

26 December, 2016

Salaheddine Lemaizi reports from the corridors of the ‘blue zone’, the part of the COP22 village reserved for officials.

Palestinian-Sahrawi solidarity trumped by Morocco-Hamas power politics, campaigners allege

06 December, 2016

An activist group to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Western Sahara has turned online after its activities were banned in Gaza.

Is Mauritania on the road to democracy?

28 November, 2016

Or is it all a miscalculated adventure? Habibulah Lamin explores the legacy of Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

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