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UN reaffirms support for Lebanon's political independence

21 March, 2018

The UN Security Council has expressed strong support for Lebanon's political independence amid regional crises which continue to threaten the country's stability.

The Iraq Report: 15 years of failure

20 March, 2018

Far from spreading seeds of democracy, the US-led invasion of Iraq, 15 years ago, allowed dangerous forces to supplant the previous Baathist dictatorship.

The Iraq Report: Iran influences Iraq’s relations with Saudi

20 March, 2018

In-depth: Tehran's tight grip on Iraq's political affairs is controlling the direction in which Baghdad takes its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

France could face lawsuits over Saudi, UAE arms deals

20 March, 2018

French arms manufacturers who have the consent of the government in Paris to sell weapons to Riyadh could face lawsuits over the use of their equipment in the Yemen war.

It's time to call the PKK by its name

16 March, 2018

Comment: The recent spillover of the PKK's operations into Europe suggests it's time to reassess the organisation's actions, writes Kyle Orton.

UN gets $100m for Palestinians amid steep US cuts

16 March, 2018

The UN relief agency for Palestinians received $100 million in new pledges on Thursday, but is still facing a $350 million shortfall after steep US cuts.

France offers 400 million euro credit for Lebanese army

15 March, 2018

Lebanon received increased military support from the international community Thursday with France opening a 400 million euro ($492 million) line of credit to the country's army.

Syrian refugee baby gets life-saving surgery, others wait

14 March, 2018

Italian pediatric surgeons are performing free surgeries on Syrian refugee children, but many still can't afford treatment or medical care.

Propagandising football, Israel to broadcast World Cup in Arabic

14 March, 2018

Israeli state media will broadcast FIFA World Cup matches this summer for free in neighbouring Arab countries in a controversial bid to woo Arab audiences, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announces.

Palestinian refugee agency 'running out of cash by May'

14 March, 2018

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) only has enough funds to keep schools and medical services open until May, its commissioner general Pierre Krahenbuhl said.

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