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Syrian doctor coins new term for children's extreme war-trauma

25 February, 2017

Syrian children who survived the devastating ongoing crisis are suffering from post-traumatic stress. But their experience is more than the physical and emotional trauma that medical professions usually see.

Stowing survival: Syrian seeds returned to Norway's 'Doomsday Vault'

25 February, 2017

Food diversity conservationists hail the return of Syrian seeds to a global safety vault as a success for the food security of future generations in the war-torn country.

What's in a name? Pentagon drops 'ISIL' for 'ISIS'

25 February, 2017

The US Department of Defence has changed the terminology referring to Islamic State group from 'ISIL' to 'ISIS' to be consistent with Donald Trump's language in the January 28 directive.

Le Pen's visit confirms new political realities in Lebanon

24 February, 2017

Comment: Marine Le Pen's views on Syria and refugees are particularly appealing to the Lebanese establishment in helping them consolidate power, writes Kareem Chehayeb.

The EU's 'doublethink' on refugees

22 February, 2017

Comment: While the EU warns its own citizens against travelling to Libya, they see no problem in returning refugees to the war zone, writes Mat Nashed.

No laughing matter: Comedian Jeremy Hardy's stand for Palestine

22 February, 2017

Jeremy Hardy first travelled to the West Bank in 2002. After making a return visit in January, he sat down with The New Arab to reflect on his experiences.

Campaign urges UK landlords to help house Syrian refugees

22 February, 2017

An initiative by some London landlords seeks to persuade fellow property owners to rent out to Syrian refugees.

Israeli jets use Lebanese airspace to bomb Damascus airbase

22 February, 2017

The Lebanese armed forces report the airstrikes were made from Lebanese airspace in order to bypass Russian air defences in the south of Syria.

Far-right Le Pen refuses headscarf to meet Lebanese mufti

21 February, 2017

The French far-right leader has rejected a meeting with Lebanon's Grand Mufti after being asked to wear a headscarf, despite being informed of the condition in advance.

Jordanian 'burns himself alive' amid calls for anti-government protests

21 February, 2017

A Jordanian civil servant has attempted to burn himself alive in an anti-government protest amid calls for demonstrations against a failing economy.

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