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Can Guterres succeed where Ban Ki-moon didn't?

18 January, 2017

Comment: Guterres will be in a better position to give fresh impetus to the UN political process aimed at finding a political solution to the Sahara conflict, writes Samir Bennis

Hopes and dreams: This week in Middle East football

17 January, 2017

Arab football received a massive boost this week, as FIFA announced that the World Cup could be expanded to 48 teams giving countries in the region new hopes of competing.

Lack of customers final nail for Lebanon coffin maker

17 January, 2017

A Lebanese coffin maker is running out of customers due to competition from machines and dwindling numbers of Christians.

Lebanon's historic Casino du Liban gambles with online venture

16 January, 2017

Casino du Liban once hosted Elizabeth Taylor but most recently has launched a public tender inviting technology firms to partner with them in an online gaming platform.

Turkey arrests two Chinese nationals over Istanbul nightclub massacre

14 January, 2017

Two Chinese men of Uighur origin have been arrested over the mass shooting at Reina nightclub in Istanbul on New Year's Eve, which left 39 people dead.

Iran doubles down in Syria

13 January, 2017

Analysis: Propping up Assad has enabled Tehran to enhance its influence in the Middle East, which is why Iranian leaders continue to justify their costly endeavor, writes Paul Iddon.

Lebanon: An island of stability among Middle East chaos

12 January, 2017

Comment: Unlike its regional neighbours, Lebanon appears to be entering a period of political and economic stability. But the road ahead with not be without its challenges, writes Mona Alami.

Refugees in Europe battle to survive deadly winter

12 January, 2017

Snow storms and sub-zero temperatures have left at least six refugees dead as aid agencies make an urgent plea to help thousands of people survive the deadly winter.

Birds circling rubbish threaten Beirut flights

12 January, 2017

Flights in and out of Lebanon's Beirut airport are at risk because of the large number of birds flying over a nearby garbage dump, the country's transport minister said Wednesday.

PLO will 'revoke recognition' of Israel if embassy moved

11 January, 2017

Palestinian leadership intensifies calls for Donald Trump to reconsider embassy move after 'diplomatic friends' confirm that the US president-elect is serious about the relocation.

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