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Gulf states say goodbye to tax-free reputation

01 October, 2017

Long known as tax havens, Gulf states are seeking to revitalise their oil-dependent economies, with the UAE introducing a "sin tax" on Sunday ahead of implementing VAT in January.

Famed 'sheikh of snipers' killed in IS battle

30 September, 2017

A veteran sniped from Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi militias famed for having reportedly killing over 300 Islamic State group militants has been killed in the battle for Hawija.

Mother of Nations, but not of all Egyptians

29 September, 2017

Comment: New articles to be added to Egyptian citizenship law give the military regime the final say over the Egyptian-ness of its citizens, writes Gehad Quisay.

Indian scholar 'asked to leave' Oman after anti-Saudi speech

24 September, 2017

An Indian scholar has been asked to leave Oman, after making a speech at a local sharia college that criticised Saudi foreign policy.

Kuwait to host Iraq reconstruction conference in 2018

23 September, 2017

Kuwait will hold a conference on reconstructing war-torn Iraq early next year, the US presidential envoy to the international coalition fighting the Islamic State said on Friday.

Hunger games: Geopolitics of the GCC's food insecurity

22 September, 2017

Comment: The rift between Qatar and the Saudi-UAE axis brings into sharper focus the intractable issue of food insecurity in the region, writes Amar Diwakar.

Saudi-led bloc 'called-off Qatar military action after Trump warning'

20 September, 2017

A Saudi-led bloc considered taking military action against Qatar at the start of a diplomatic crisis with the country before US President Donald Trump urged for calm.

Qatar and Kuwait to force out North Korea workers

20 September, 2017

Gulf states Qatar and Kuwait will no longer renew visas for North Korean workers, which should see all leave in the coming months or years.

Exposed: France's arms dealers making a killing in Yemen

19 September, 2017

The long read: The US and UK are often lambasted for their sales of weaponry to Saudi Arabia. But France cannot be overlooked, write Warda Mohamed and Tony Fortin.

The governor Baghdad wants to remove from office

19 September, 2017

Analysis: Kirkuk's Najmaldin Karim wants his city included in Kurdistan's controversial independence referendum, but supports holding on to autonomy, says Paul Iddon

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