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Kuwait court sentences lawmakers over Arab Spring protest

08 July, 2018

A Kuwaiti opposition leader and several other lawmakers have been sentenced over the storming of the country's parliament in 2011.

Russia blocks Security Council statement on southern Syria

05 July, 2018

Russia on Thursday blocked the UN Security Council from adopting a statement on the situation in south-western Syria after an urgent meeting requested by Sweden and Kuwait.

UN Security Council to hold emergency Syria talks

03 July, 2018

Sweden and Kuwait requested a closed-door meeting to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Syria's Daraa, Swedish diplomats said on Tuesday.

Egypt's World Cup: A spectacular own goal for Sisi

03 July, 2018

Comment: Sisi's attempt to co-opt Mo Salah and the Egyptian team has had disastrous consequences for everyone, writes Robert Springborg.

Saudi hajj rules complicate pilgrimage for blockaded Qataris

02 July, 2018

Qatari authorities have denied Saudi accusations suggesting it failed to respond to Hajj and Umrah authorities to allow Qataris to attend the pilgrimage this year.

Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia 'considering joint World Cup 2030 bid'

02 July, 2018

A Maghrebi Mondial in 2030? Algeria's sports minister hints at a shared World Cup with North African neighbours Tunisia and Morocco

UAE's blockade on Qatar spread a 'climate of fear'

29 June, 2018

Qatar is appealing to the UN's top court against the year-long blockade imposed by the UAE and its Gulf allies.

Kuwait's economy shrinking for fourth year in a row

27 June, 2018

Several Kuwaiti MPs have accused the country's government of not doing enough to 'stop the squandering' in the face of a deficit.

UAE responds to Qatar's UN court case with another

27 June, 2018

The Gulf crisis has moved to UN courts as the UAE filed their own case against Qatar who accused them of fostering an "environment of hate"

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE pledge Bahrain bail out

27 June, 2018

Bahrain's wealthy neighbours are set to announce a support package to prop up the island state's economy.

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