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Kuwait expels Philippines ambassador amid ongoing 'worker abuse' dispute

25 April, 2018

The Philippines' top diplomat apologised to Kuwait after videos emerged of embassy staff helping Filipinos flee from allegedly abusive employers in the Gulf state.

Iran, Saudi Arabia cannot dominate Middle East : Zarif

24 April, 2018

Iran's top diplomat says that talks between Riyadh and Tehran are essential, adding that the two states have helped to 'destroy the region'.

Overnight Kuwait oil rig fire 'now contained'

23 April, 2018

A fire broke that out on a Kuwaiti oil rig Sunday night is now under control, the state run company running the onshore platform has said.

Kuwait arrests 2 Filipinos over maid escapes

23 April, 2018

Kuwaiti authorities arrest two Filipino nationals amid renewed tensions between the Gulf state and the Philippines.

Kuwait summons Filipino ambassador over domestic worker 'rescues'

22 April, 2018

The Philippines' ambassador to Kuwait has denied making 'disrespectful' comments about Kuwait after being handed two protest notes by the country's foreign ministry.

Iraq pays first war reparations to Kuwait since 2014

20 April, 2018

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been dead for more than a decade but Kuwait is still receiving reparations for his 1990 invasion

Saudi-Russia oil alliance likely to weaken OPEC's role

19 April, 2018

The new union, spearheaded by Riyadh and Moscow, is expected to be larger than the 14-member OPEC oil cartel, which has dominated the global energy market for six decades.

Turning Qatar into an island

18 April, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's proposed channel separating it from Qatar sends a message of polarisation and division, rather than regional cooperation, writes James Dorsey.

Kuwait, Oman urge oil producers to continue cooperation

17 April, 2018

The oil ministers of Kuwait and Oman called on OPEC and non-OPEC producers to continue their unprecedented cooperation to maintain stability in the energy market.

Saudi boss 'forced Filipina maid to drink bleach'

16 April, 2018

In the latest incident of mistreatment of Filipino workers in the Middle East, a Saudi boss allegedly forced her maid to drink bleach, Manila said.

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