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US wants to 'build momentum' for Gulf crisis summit

24 July, 2018

US charge d'affaires to Qatar, Ryan Gliha said his country wants to ”build momentum towards resolving the Gulf crisis.

Kuwait agrees to buy North Sea oil pipeline firm

23 July, 2018

Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund will buy a stake in North Sea Midstream Partners, as the Gulf state furthers its outreach in the country.

Egypt rejects Israeli nation-state law on 'racial segregation'

22 July, 2018

Egypt, one of only two Arab countries to have a peace treaty with Israel, says the law "undermines the chances of achieving peace" with Palestinians.

Kuwaiti celebrity blogger lambasted for racism against domestic workers

21 July, 2018

Sondos Alqattan was slammed after she attacked reforms to Filipino workers' rights in Kuwait, saying workers should have no right to a day off.

FIFA fines Egypt over prohibited World Cup game

19 July, 2018

The football governing body has shown Egypt the red card over a warm-up game.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait agree to establish cooperation council

19 July, 2018

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have agreed to set up a bilateral cooperation council, following the establishment of a similar council between Saudi Arabia and the UAE in February.

Arab views of US low, support for Palestinians high

18 July, 2018

Comment: Washington continues to be seen as a threat, writes Derek Davison.

Jordan hints at restoring Qatar relations after aid package

18 July, 2018

Jordan's minister of labour has described the relationship between Amman and Qatar as being "good", signalling a likely return of normal diplomatic relations between the two countries.

NATO 'ready to welcome' Saudi Arabia and Oman

16 July, 2018

A UAE-based news publication said NATO is ready to welcome in Saudi Arabia and Oman to its Istanbul cooperation initiative.

Saudi newspaper 'forgets' the next World Cup in Qatar

16 July, 2018

The Saudi-led anti-Qatar agenda has spared nothing, from hajj to sports, with the World Cup the latest target of pro-Riyadh media.

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