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Kuwait calls for protection of Palestinians during UN meeting

15 May, 2018

The UN Security Council opened its emergency meeting with a minute's silence for the Palestinian protesters and civilians killed by Israeli forces on Monday.

Gaza massacre: Where Arab countries stand

15 May, 2018

Arab states condemned Monday's Gaza massacre, but some choose not to comment on the controversial opening of the US embassy in the contested city of Jerusalem.

Death toll rises to 55 in Gaza clashes

15 May, 2018

The death toll in Gaza clashes has risen to 55 as the US embassy opens in Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia 'arrests second Qatari citizen in a month'

14 May, 2018

Saudi authorities have allegedly arrested a Qatari citizen from Kuwait - the second such detention in less than a month.

Kuwait, Philippines sign deal to regulate domestic labour: minister

11 May, 2018

Kuwait and Manila signed a deal on Friday to regulate domestic workers, after a dispute between the two countries led to a ban on Filipino workers in the Gulf state.

Iran rift: The Gulf countries treading gently

10 May, 2018

Donald Trump's decision to pull back from the landmark 2015 Iran deal has seen the GCC bloc divided in their responses. Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are treading carefully.

Betraying Morocco, Saudis back Trump for World Cup 2026

09 May, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's support for the US-led bid for the 2026 World Cup over that of its Arab neighbour, Morocco, tells of new and broken alliances, writes Anthony Harwood.

US statement slamming Abbas for anti-Semitic comments rejected

04 May, 2018

A statement circulated by the US sharply criticised the Palestinian presidents 'vile anti-Semitic' comments didn't receive the UN's backing.

Astronomy: The outer frontier of Saudi liberalisation

02 May, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's hardline religious conservatives have traditionally thwarted the quest for knowledge in astronomy because it threatens their long-standing status, writes James M. Dorsey.

Philippines welcome Kuwait's olive branch amid workers dispute

01 May, 2018

The Philippines have welcomed Kuwaiti efforts for calming of the crisis over treatment of migrant workers.

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