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Saudi to screen 'The Message' four decades after ban

12 June, 2018

The decades-old film was initially banned in most of the region but will now become the first Arabic title to screen in Saudi Arabia since 1983.

The great guide to Middle East World Cup teams

11 June, 2018

Five Middle East and North African national teams will play in Russia 2018, the most Middle Eastern World Cup ever.

Blockaded Qatar takes UAE to International Court of Justice

11 June, 2018

Qatar will file a case against the UAE over the "devastating" effect of the blockade on human rights of Qataris.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait offer billions to crisis-hit Jordan

11 June, 2018

Jordan has been rocked in recent days by mass protests against price rises and a proposed tax hike as the government pushes measures to slash the country's debt.

Saudis host four-nation meeting over Jordan crisis

11 June, 2018

Saudi Arabia hosted a meeting centring on Jordan's economic crisis.

EU pledges millions to ease Jordan's economic woes

10 June, 2018

Cash-strapped Jordan, a close US ally that relies heavily on donors, is struggling to rein in its debt after securing a $723-million loan from the International Monetary Fund in 2016.

Riyadh moves to 'bankroll' Jordan to contain anti-austerity protests

09 June, 2018

Saudi Arabia says it will host a meeting among several Gulf Arab countries to offer support to Jordan after it faced mass protests over the kingdom’s economic problems

Yes, Arabs should forget about Palestine

07 June, 2018

Palestinians don't want a state so the Arab League can hold hands as they enter al-Aqsa. Palestinians need a state for their security, stability and safety, writes Diana Alghoul.

Qatar 'stronger' after year-long Saudi-led boycott

05 June, 2018

Qatar's foreign minister has said his country is stronger than ever on the first anniversary of a bitter Gulf diplomatic rift.

Qatar responds to reported Saudi threat of military action

05 June, 2018

Qatar's foreign minister has responded to reported threats of military action from Saudi Arabia, warning that the move violates international law and a Gulf cooperation charter.

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