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Kuwait emir calls for GCC cooperation amid Qatar crisis

08 January, 2018

Kuwait's leader has told GCC members to move beyond a current crisis around Qatar, and ensure the survival of the Gulf bloc for coming generations.

Kuwait premier visits Oman injured following Gulf Cup incident

07 January, 2018

Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber al-Hamad al-Sabah has visited Omani football fans who were hurt at a Kuwait football stadium during the Gulf Cup final.

Kuwaiti activist launches prison hunger strike

06 January, 2018

Sulaiman Binjassem, who had been sentences to seven years in prison after storming parliament, has begun a hunger strike in jail on Thursday, his family announced.

Iran foreign minister ridicules Trump 'blunder' at UN

06 January, 2018

Mohammed Zarif ridiculed US President Donald Trump via Twitter on Saturday, after the foreign policy "blunder" of raising the recent Iran protests at the UN Security Council.

US, Russia clash over Iran at UN Security Council

06 January, 2018

Countries were divided in the UN Security meeting over Iran, as the US warned that the Iranian protests could escalate into a Syria scenario.

Dozens injured as barrier collapses at Gulf Cup final

06 January, 2018

Around 40 football fans were injured on Friday after a barrier at a Kuwait stadium collapsed during the final of the Gulf Cup.

Imprisoned Kuwaitis form political bloc demanding reforms

03 January, 2018

Kuwait's Democratic Party was launched this week by four Kuwaitis sentenced to prison in late November, although the Gulf state does not allow the formation of political parties.

UAE to meet Oman in Gulf Cup final

03 January, 2018

Oman beat Bahrain, while the UAE saw off Iraq, in tense semi-finals games of the Gulf Cup on Tuesday, as Muscat saw big celebrations.

Basra: The epicentre of Iraq's drug problem

02 January, 2018

The city of Basra in southern Iraq is at the forefront of a nationwide spike in drugs sales and consumption, with arrests nearly doubling since late 2014.

Kuwait to join UN Security Council as Arab member

01 January, 2018

Kuwait will take the role as Arab member of the UN Security Council on Monday after a 40 year hiatus, but has insisted it will remain neutral on world affairs.

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