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Yes, Arabs should forget about Palestine

07 June, 2018

Palestinians don't want a state so the Arab League can hold hands as they enter al-Aqsa. Palestinians need a state for their security, stability and safety, writes Diana Alghoul.

Qatar 'stronger' after year-long Saudi-led boycott

05 June, 2018

Qatar's foreign minister has said his country is stronger than ever on the first anniversary of a bitter Gulf diplomatic rift.

Qatar responds to reported Saudi threat of military action

05 June, 2018

Qatar's foreign minister has responded to reported threats of military action from Saudi Arabia, warning that the move violates international law and a Gulf cooperation charter.

Fear and Loathing on the Arabian Peninsula

05 June, 2018

Comment: The stalemate continues after a year of blockade and barbs, writes Andrew Leber.

Qatar blockade 'unlawful, unjustified and disproportionate', new report says

04 June, 2018

The Qatar blockade has had significant impact on the human rights of persons both within Qatar and in the four states of the Quartet, a new report has said.

Israeli airstrikes pound Gaza after rocket fire

03 June, 2018

A dozen targets in the Gaza Strip were struck by Israeli missiles on Sunday, just hours after thousands attended the funeral of a female volunteer medic killed by Israeli snipers.

Arab League slams US veto on protecting Palestinians

02 June, 2018

The head of the Arab League has condemned the US decision to veto a UN draft resolution that would protect Palestinians from a deadly crackdown by Israeli forces.

US vetoes UN resolution denouncing violence against Palestinians

02 June, 2018

The United States has blocked a resolution calling for measures to protect Palestinians, despite by 10 Security Council members voting in favour of the draft.

One year later: A necessary reckoning in the GCC

01 June, 2018

Comment: Countries blockading Qatar must reflect on how their attempts to control the Gulf are destabilising the entire region, writes Imad K. Harb.

US will 'unquestionably' veto UN draft on protecting Palestinians

01 June, 2018

US Ambassador Nikki Haley said Washington will 'unquestionably veto' a UN draft resolution calling for the protection of Palestinians after weeks of deadly Israeli violence.

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