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The Iraq Report: Iran influences Iraq’s relations with Saudi

20 March, 2018

In-depth: Tehran's tight grip on Iraq's political affairs is controlling the direction in which Baghdad takes its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

UN Security Council demand 'decisive' Syria action

20 March, 2018

A letter sent to all 15 council members expressed 'profound concern' at the failure to implement a 24 February resolution calling for a ceasefire throughout the war-torn country.

FIFA lifts ban on Iraqi stadiums amid 'improved security'

17 March, 2018

FIFA lifted a ban on international competitive matches in the Iraqi cities of Basra, Karbala and Erbil.

Philippines and Kuwait agree on expat protection pact

17 March, 2018

The Philippines and Kuwait agreed on a draft migrant labour protection pact on Friday evening, but the ban on sending Filipinos to work in Kuwait remains in place.

Palestinian refugee agency 'running out of cash by May'

14 March, 2018

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) only has enough funds to keep schools and medical services open until May, its commissioner general Pierre Krahenbuhl said.

UAE #PostWisely ad depicting 'Snapchat maid' backfires

13 March, 2018

Telecoms giant Du tweeted a video resembling the abuse of an Ethiopian maid in Kuwait who was filmed on Snapchat while hanging from a window before falling seven storeys.

Kuwait, region's fattest country, blacklists foreign workers with diabetes

12 March, 2018

Kuwait will stop granting residency permits to "unfit" foreigners who suffer from a range of non-infectious diseases, local media has reported.

Kuwait-Philippines labour negotiations 'going well' following worker safety row

12 March, 2018

Labour negotiations between Kuwait and the Philippines are reportedly on track, as the Philippines hopes to secure guarantees for its workers in the Gulf state.

The Iraq Report: Theatrics and point-scoring dominate electoral race

08 March, 2018

Our weekly round-up of the latest from Iraq

Oman begins to evict single men from residential areas

08 March, 2018

Council workers in Muscat have issued eviction notices to single men in parts of Oman's capital, and ordered to move to specific areas of the city.

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