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How long will the US stay in Syria?

23 August, 2017

Analysis: The Pentagon has invested significant resources in northern Syria, and doesn't seem to be in a rush to leave, notes Paul Iddon.

Iran advances in fight for ground route to Lebanon

23 August, 2017

Iran-backed fighters in Syria are advancing east, bringing Tehran closer to its goal of forming a land link from its border through Iraq to supply allies in Syria and Lebanon.

Innocent Iraqi boys swept up in IS child-soldier hunt

23 August, 2017

Exclusive: Hundreds of teenage boys have been rounded up by Iraqi troops in Mosul, where they now face military trials, accused of being Islamic State group fighters, reports Marta Bellingreri.

Islamic State 'beheads' Haftar's soldiers in Libya

23 August, 2017

Reports are emerging of an attack on the Libyan National Army in central Libya by Islamic State fighters, leading to the beheading of soldiers.

The Iraq Report: Terror and corruption cripple hopes

23 August, 2017

Analysis: Welcome to The New Arab's weekly digest of events in Iraq

Spain terror cell planned 'bigger attacks on monuments'

23 August, 2017

A suspected member of the terror cell that unleashed carnage in Spain last week admitted that the militants had planned to hit monuments in an even bigger attack.

Israel-Russia summit meeting over Iran's future in Syria

23 August, 2017

The state leaders of Israel and Russia will meet in Sochi on Wednesday to discuss the future of Syria and Iran's involvement in any ongoing ceasefire.

Humanitarian crisis looms in shadow of Tal Afar battle

23 August, 2017

In-depth: Civilians face grave danger as US and Iraqi troops fight to rout the Islamic State group, reports Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Turkish Foreign Minister arrives in Baghdad for official visit

23 August, 2017

The Turkish foreign minister's visit to Iraq comes a day after US Defence Secretary James Mattis' visit to the country.

Netanyahu to discuss 'Iran's aggression' in Syria with Putin

22 August, 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will discuss "Iran's aggression" in Syria during a meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin on Wednesday.

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