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UK raises security level to 'critical' following Manchester attacks

23 May, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May says she has raised its security to its highest level, with troops guarding sensitive sites with fears that more attacks could take place.

Manchester police names bomb suspect hours after US leaks

23 May, 2017

Salman Abedi is believed to be the bomber behind Monday night's attack on an Ariana Grande concert, police have said, hours after US intelligence agencies leaked the name to media.

Kuwait reinstates citizenship for opposition figures after government 'truce'

23 May, 2017

Seven members of Kuwait's opposition who were stripped of their citizenship since 1991, were reinstated as citizens of the Gulf state on Monday, after a government decree.

Giant bones, strange creatures: Meet Iraq's 'Youtube Indiana Jones'

23 May, 2017

Amateur adventurer Mohammed Darwish and his crew film themselves 'raiding' archaeological sites in southern Iraq to document what they say is the neglect and destruction of their country's heritage.

Transformed? Trump in Riyadh managed diplomacy and restraint

23 May, 2017

Comment: Many were expecting fireworks from Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia. But he appears to be handling foreign policy far better than affairs on the home front, writes James Snell.

‘This is horrific, criminal’: Muslim representatives condemn Manchester attack

23 May, 2017

"Whatever motive, it's unacceptable & inhumane” - Muslim representatives spoke out about the attack, quickly condemning it as an inhumane act.

Trump 'committed' to delivering Israeli-Palestinian peace, but unclear how

23 May, 2017

US President Donald Trump arrived in Bethlehem on Tuesday to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for talks over long-stalled peace efforts.

After Manchester, Putin 'ready to help UK fight terrorism'

23 May, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to boost anti-terror cooperation with Britain in a condolence message to Prime Minister Theresa May over the "inhuman" attack in Manchester

Islamic State group claim deadly Manchester suicide attack

23 May, 2017

Twenty-two people were killed, including children, when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at a concert in Britain's Manchester on Monday night, in an attack claimed by Islamic State.

Iran is ready to gift peace to Middle East

22 May, 2017

Comment: Iran is willing to fight terrorism and resolve the war in Syria, Mohammad Javad Zarif writes in an exclusive opinion article for The New Arab.

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