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Turkey hits Kurdish base in Iraq's Qandil Mountains region

17 June, 2018

Turkey's president has said his country have begun an operation against bases of outlawed Kurdish militants in northern Iraq.

Denmark ordered to compensate Iraqi civilians over torture

15 June, 2018

A Copenhagen court found although Danish soldiers did not join in the torture against 18 Iraqis, they failed to prevent the abuse.

Assad claims 'still pursuing political solution' over southern Syria

14 June, 2018

President Bashar al-Assad said that his regime is still looking at a possible 'political solution' to the handover of opposition territories in southern Syria.

Russia's world cup has Syrian blood on its hands

13 June, 2018

Comment: Russia's World Cup adds to its global panoply of PR, designed to normalise all its actions, including the Syrian genocide, writes Sam Hamad.

Arrest warrants issued after blast in Sadr's Baghdad stronghold

13 June, 2018

The blasts last week which left 18 dead were followed by cleric Muqtada al-Sadr calling for a nationwide disarmament campaign.

Saudi Arabia's non-aggression pact with al-Qaeda in Yemen

13 June, 2018

Analysis: Saudi Arabia's involvement in the Yemeni civil war has forced it to balance the competing demands of counterterrorism and national interest, writes Austin Bodetti.

Iraq's Sadr announces alliance with militia leader Amiri

13 June, 2018

Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr, whose bloc won last month's parliamentary election, has announced an alliance with the runner-ups in the vote.

Dubai real estate a money-laundering haven, new report finds

12 June, 2018

War profiteers, terror financiers and drug traffickers sanctioned by the US in recent years have used Dubai's real-estate market as a haven for their assets.

The Iraq Report: Iraqi democracy smoulders amid political violence

12 June, 2018

Investigating the fire at the ballot warehouse after the recount was ordered - our weekly round-up of the latest news from Iraq.

Iraqi PM Abadi rejects election rerun amid fraud allegations

12 June, 2018

Iraq's election, which saw a surprise victory for nationalist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has been marred by fraud allegations.

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