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Turkey closes airspace to Iraq's Kurdistan region

16 October, 2017

Turkey is closing its airspace to flights to and from Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag told reporters on Monday.

Iraqi forces take control of Kirkuk governor's office

16 October, 2017

Iraqi forces seized the Kirkuk governor's office - along with key infrastructure - on Monday, as pro-Baghdad troops and militias swooped on the disputed Kurdish-held city.

Iran police sting seize 100,000 fake Iraqi pilgrimage visas

16 October, 2017

Iranian police have seized thousands of fake visas for the annual Arbaeen commemoration in Iraq, which sees millions of Shia pilgrims descent on Najaf.

The mental trauma of Iraq's displaced

16 October, 2017

In-depth: As the Islamic State group faces defeat in Iraq, the mental scars of their brutality remain carved into Iraqis who suffered under the self-styled 'caliphate', reports Laura Cappon.

On the front lines with Sudan's e-Rebels

16 October, 2017

In-depth: A new style of warfare is emerging, as activists using technology to organise are targeted by state-sponsored hackers, passing intercepts to Sudan's military, with deadly results, reports Austin Bodetti.

Turkey 'ready to help Iraq oust Kurdish fighters'

16 October, 2017

Turkey on Monday said it was ready to help the Iraqi government oust Kurdish fighters from Kirkuk after Baghdad said their presence in the city was a "declaration of war".

Iraqi army seizes Kirkuk oil fields from Kurdish forces

16 October, 2017

Iraq's military seized two major oil fields from Kurdish forces outside the disputed city of Kirkuk, the army said in a statement on Monday.

Iraqi-Kurdistan's relationship with the US has had its ups-and-downs

16 October, 2017

Analysis: While most Iraqi Kurds have a positive perception of the US, they haven't forgotten darker moments in the relationship, writes Paul Iddon.

Iraqi forces retake Kirkuk military airport from Kurds: army

16 October, 2017

Iraqi forces take control of a military airport from Kurdish fighters near the disputed city of Kirkuk after forces capture an oil field and the main military base there.

Dozens of militants killed in Egypt Sinai attacks

16 October, 2017

Egypt's military said at least 24 militants and six soldiers were killed on Sunday in attacks on military outposts in North Sinai, claimed by IS.

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