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Supreme Court 'partially' reinstates Trump's controversial travel ban

26 June, 2017

President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries was partially reinstated by the US Supreme Court on Monday.

Bullets in cyberspace: The new terrain of diplomatic warfare

26 June, 2017

Comment: Even small states can exploit opportunities that cyberwarfare offers to instigate and exacerbate political conflicts, writes Amar Diwakar.

Qatar may loan planes, crew to British Airways

26 June, 2017

British Airways has applied to use Qatar Airways planes and crew to help the airline cover a two-week period of planned strikes by some of its cabin staff next month.

Iran stands with Qatar against 'unacceptable' Gulf-imposed siege

26 June, 2017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said a "siege" imposed on Qatar by four Arab states that recently cut ties with Doha is 'unacceptable'.

Qatar demands 'very difficult' to meet: US

26 June, 2017

The US Secretary of State issued a statement on Sunday, calling for dialogue and a 'lowering of rhetoric' in the ongoing blockade of Qatar.

Iran detains Islamic State linked group

25 June, 2017

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry is saying that its forces have detained militants linked to the Islamic State it says intended to carry out terrorist acts in holy cities across the country.

Tensions escalate in Israel, Hizballah war of words

25 June, 2017

Simmering tensions between Israel and Lebanon's powerful Hizballah group have escalated in recent days, with both sides issuing barbed threats regarding any future war.

Qatar voices support for Saudi Arabia after Mecca bombing

24 June, 2017

Qatar has voiced support for Saudi Arabia over a suicide bombing near Islam's holiest site in Mecca despite their severed ties.

Qatar rejects demands list as 'unreasonable'

24 June, 2017

A Qatari spokesperson said the list was unreasonable, after the country's foreign minister said Doha would only negotiate on matters related to 'GCC collective security'.

#WeDemandQatar - the internet trolls Saudi demands

24 June, 2017

The rationale behind Saudi's demands are hard to comprehend, let-alone quantify. Twitter caught on, and could not resist taking a jab.

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