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Saudi air-force pilot son of king named US envoy

22 April, 2017

Saudi Arabia on Saturday named an air force pilot son of King Salman as ambassador to its major ally Washington, with which ties are improving under President Donald Trump.

US defence chief holds security talks with Qatar

22 April, 2017

Jim Mattis meets Qatar's emir and defence chief as part of a tour aimed at rekindling relations after testing times under the Obama administration.

Yemen: The tragedy deepens

21 April, 2017

Special coverage: A war fuelled by geopolitical rivals is tearing apart the Middle East's poorest nation. Now famine stalks a landmine-strewn country where millions have been forced from their homes.

Jordan rejects Assad claim it plans to invade Syria

21 April, 2017

Jordan has rejected as “baseless” claims that it plans to deploy troops in neighbouring Syria in coordination with the United States.

Kidnapped Qataris released in Iraq after 16 month ordeal

21 April, 2017

A complicated deal including Qatari hunters, millions of dollars, and civilians in besieged towns in Syria has ended with the release of the Gulf hostages from their Iraqi militia captors.

Syria's revolution was nothing to do with sectarianism

21 April, 2017

Comment: The Syrian revolution was about Syrians uniting, regardless of confession, but Assad and Iran are deliberately cultivating sectarianism to their advantage, writes Sam Hamad.

Iran presidential elections kick off under cloud of uncertainty

21 April, 2017

Iran's current President Hassan Rouhani faced an uphill struggle in new elections, as he faces a challenge from two strong conservative challengers.

Baghdad summons Turkey's ambassador over remarks criticising Iran-backed militia

20 April, 2017

Iraq's foreign ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador over an interview in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Forces as a "terrorist" organisation, officials said on Thursday.

Emirates says it won’t withdraw from US despite cutback

20 April, 2017

Emirates remains committed to the US market despite plans to slash 20 percent of its flights in the wake of tougher security and visa measures put in place under Trump

US wants UN to prioritise ‘chief culprit’ Iran

20 April, 2017

US Ambassador Nikki Haley urges UN to devote less attention to Israeli-Palestinian conflict and focus on Iran's 'incredibly destructive activities' in the Middle East.

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