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Rex Tillerson: Iranian militias must leave Iraq

22 October, 2017

"All foreign fighters need to go home", US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in Riyadh on Sunday as he began a trip to the Middle East.

US diplomat Tillerson joins landmark Saudi-Iraq meeting

22 October, 2017

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attended the first meeting of the joint Saudi-Iraqi coordination council in Riyadh on Sunday as part of his second visit to the Middle East.

Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call: Kremlin

22 October, 2017

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin and Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan discussed an upcoming meeting of the Astana process on the Syrian conflict, during a phone call on Saturday.

Turkey bank regulator dismisses 'rumours' after Iran sanctions report

22 October, 2017

Turkey’s banking regulator dismissed rumours about financial institutions, after reports that some Turkish banks face billions of dollars of US fines over alleged violations of Iran sanctions.

Iranian vessel, sailors seized off Yemen coast: PM

22 October, 2017

An Iranian vessel with 19 sailors on board was seized by Yemeni fishermen off the coast of Socotra island, Yemen's Prime Minister has claimed.

Tillerson's Mideast aim is a Saudi-Iraqi axis against Iran

21 October, 2017

During Tillerson's Middle East visit, he hopes to achieve a new alliance between Saudi Arabia and Iraq that would shut the doors of the Arab world to neighbouring Iran.

Holding firm, Kurds take a stand for Erbil

21 October, 2017

After capturing the city of Kirkul, Iraqi government fighters are driving deeper into Kurdish territory and look poised to make a grab for the KRG's capital, Erbil.

Two Hamas fighters injured in Gaza training explosion

21 October, 2017

An accidental explosion has injured two Hamas fighters during a training exercise in Gaza, as the Islamist movement vows not to close its armed wing.

'Me Too' in MENA

20 October, 2017

Blog: Harassment is a universal experience for women, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Hamas delegation visits Iran for Palestine reconciliation talks

20 October, 2017

A high-ranking Hamas delegation has begun a visit to Iran to inform its backers in Tehran about reconciliation efforts with rival Palestinian faction Fatah.

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