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UN Gaza staffer out after allegations of Hamas ties

22 April, 2017

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees says a Gaza staffer suspected of being elected to the Islamic militant Hamas group’s leadership no longer works for the agency.

Watch: Hamas produces video suggesting captive Israeli soldiers alive

21 April, 2017

Hamas's military wing has produced a new video that suggests two Israeli soldiers missing in action during the last war in Gaza in 2014 are alive and in its custody.

Israeli settlers taunt Palestinian hunger-strikers with BBQ

20 April, 2017

Dozens of Israeli settlers organised barbecues outside a jail where Palestinian prisoners are holding a hunger strike, saying they hope the smell of grilled meat will 'increase' the detainees' suffering.

Gaza's forgotten misery: Trapped between Israel and Egypt

20 April, 2017

As problems overwhelm Gaza, the closure of the Rafah crossing is overlooked writes Arafat

Marwan Barghouti leads 1,600 Palestinian prisoners in mass hunger-strike

17 April, 2017

Jailed Palestinians demand improved visitation rights and access to telephones in one of the biggest acts of resistance by Israel's political prisoners in recent years.

Gaza's sole power plant runs out of fuel

16 April, 2017

The Gaza Strip's only functioning power plant was out of action Sunday after running out of fuel, the head of the territory's electricity provider told AFP.

Gaza plunges into darkness as power crisis continues

15 April, 2017

Hamas, who control Gaza, and the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority, have for years blamed each other for an electricity crisis in the besieged coastal enclave.

HRW demands information on four Palestinians missing in Egypt

14 April, 2017

HRW has urged Egyptian authorities to 'immediately disclose' whether they are or were holding four Palestinian men from Gaza affiliated with Hamas whose whereabouts are unknown.

Abbas seeks 'unprecedented' steps to end Palestinian split

13 April, 2017

Mahmoud Abbas says he will take 'unprecedented steps' to end the political division between his West Bank based autonomy government and the Hamas run Gaza Strip.

Israel arrests Hamas affiliated lawmaker in West Bank

13 April, 2017

Ahmad Attoun was detained by the Israeli army in the early hours of Wednesday, after his home was 'brutally' raided in Al-Bireh.

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