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Gaza family 'executes' member for alleged Israel collaboration

20 January, 2018

Palestinian Ahmed Said Barhoum was shot dead by his family after being investigated by Hamas on suspicion of giving Israel information that led to the killing of three Gaza-based fighters.

Hamas: Abbas' presidency is a 'violation'

19 January, 2018

Hamas' Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul has launched a scathing attack on PA President Mahmoud Abbas, calling his presidency a 'shameful violation' that should have ended nine years ago.

Israel unveils details of underground Gaza border wall

18 January, 2018

Israel reveals its high-tech border barrier that it hopes will prevent Palestinian groups from building cross-border tunnels.

MuslimGirl blogger turns down award because of brand ambassador

18 January, 2018

The founder behind MuslimGirl turned down Revlon's award because its brand ambassador is Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress who has written in support of the IDF's offensive against Gaza.

Sisi replaces Egypt's intelligence chief ahead of elections

18 January, 2018

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has appointed Major General Abbas Kamel as interim chief of the country’s General Intelligence Service, state television reported on Thursday.

Disabled Palestinian protester 'killed by Israeli fire'

16 January, 2018

Ibrahim Abu Thuraya was shot dead during a day of demonstrations against US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Crossing between Gaza, Israel reopened following 'Hamas tunnel' destruction

16 January, 2018

Israel has reopened a key border crossing, one of Gaza's main lifeline, after destroying a 'mile long' tunnel in the weekend.

Palestinian leaders call for suspension of recognition of Israel

16 January, 2018

Palestinian leaders have called to suspend the PLO's recognition of Israel, although it is unclear whether the vote in binding.

Palestinian Hamas official injured in Lebanon car bomb

14 January, 2018

Images posted on social media and used by Lebanese TV show a mangled car, a large fire and black smoke rising above the city of Sidon.

Israel destroys 'smuggling tunnel' from Gaza

14 January, 2018

Israel destroyed a tunnel stretching from the Gaza Strip into the country and continuing into Egypt on Saturday.

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