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Palestinian lecturer's body 'to return to Gaza from Malaysia'

24 April, 2018

Palestine's envoy in Malaysia said on Tuesday that Egypt agreed to allow the body of Fadi al-Batsh, killed in Malaysia, to be returned through its border with Gaza.

Malaysia releases images of suspects in Palestinian assassination case

23 April, 2018

Malaysian authorities released computer-generated images of the motorcyclists suspected of being involved in the drive-by shooting that killed a Palestinian lecturer in Kuala Lumpur.

Hamas hacking Fatah members' phones, claims Israeli cyber firm

23 April, 2018

ClearSky has claimed Hamas replaced the link to the official Fatah app on its website with a lookalike app containing spyware.

Death toll from Gaza protest killings rises to 40

23 April, 2018

As Gaza protests enter the fourth week, two Palestinians have succumb to their wounds seeing the death toll rise to 40, following Israel's use of live fire at the demonstrations.

Israel arrests 15 Hamas members after Malaysia assassination

22 April, 2018

Israel claimed to arrest 15 Hamas members in an overnight raid, hours after the Palestinian movement vowed revenge over an assassination of a member in Malaysia.

Hamas vows revenge for engineer 'assassinated' in Malaysia

21 April, 2018

Malaysian authorities said Fadi al-Batsh, 35, was killed by two suspects believed to have ties with a foreign intelligence agency in a drive-by shooting in Kuala Lumpur.

Child among four Palestinians killed during Friday's Gaza protests

21 April, 2018

Four Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli troops during protests on the Gaza border Friday, in the latest killing of protesters.

Palestinian lecturer shot dead in Malaysia, Hamas blames Mossad

21 April, 2018

Two assailants on a motorcycle fired ten rounds into a Palestinian lecturer Fadi Albatsh in Malaysia as he was on his way to make dawn prayers.

Cutting salaries is a crime, Gaza PA employees say

20 April, 2018

Mahmoud Abbas is trying to cultivate a backlash against Hamas, but cutting salaries is making him just as unpopular in Gaza as the Islamist group, reports Mohammed Arafat.

Israel is lying about Gaza journalists. Here's the proof

20 April, 2018

Video: Israeli military propaganda claiming journalists in Gaza are willingly being used as human shields by Palestinian militants has been debunked by video and witness accounts.

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