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Qatar says it's the victim of 'terror smear campaign'

21 May, 2017

Qatar says it's the subject of an 'orchestrated campaign' to tarnish the image of the emirate, following a series of negative articles in the lead-up to Trump's Saudi Arabia visit.

Gaza military court orders execution of 'Hamas killers'

21 May, 2017

Hamas military judges have ordered the execution of three men suspected of working to kill a Gaza-based military commander for Israel.

Israeli forces attack Palestinian marches supporting hunger-striking prisoners

19 May, 2017

Dozens of Palestinians were injured in the occupied West Bank and Gaza on Friday, during clashes with Israeli forces that disrupted marches backing hunger-striking prisoners.

'New' Hamas charter at least a decade old

19 May, 2017

Comment: Much of Hamas' 'new' charter can be found in old policy documents, with minor changes likely motivated by a desire to appease the UAE and Egypt, writes Imogen Lambert.

US court dismisses lawsuits accusing Facebook of 'supporting terrorism'

18 May, 2017

A US court has dismissed two lawsuits seeking to hold Facebook Inc liable for supporting terrorist groups by letting them use its social media platform to further their goals.

Barghouti threatens to stop drinking water as health deteriorates

16 May, 2017

In Barghouti’s first time in seeing a lawyer since undertaking the hunger-strike, new details emerged on the conditions in which he is forced to live.

Israel arrests Palestinian writer Ahmad Qatamesh

15 May, 2017

Israeli security forces have carried out raids in the West Bank and arrested at least 14 people, including a renowned Palestinian writer.

Palestinian elections expose division crisis between Fatah and Hamas

13 May, 2017

Hamas in Gaza had decided to boycott the elections after what was seen as an imposition on them from the Fatah run Palestinian central government in Ramallah.

Hamas sentences drug dealers to death by firing squad

12 May, 2017

The accused were convicted earlier this year of smuggling tramadol, marijuana, and opium from Egypt via tunnels.

Hamas chief: Mazen Faqha assassin now in custody

11 May, 2017

Hamas has arrested the suspected murderer of one of its key military commanders in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian movement's leader Ismail Haniya said on Thursday.

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