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France's colonial narrative no longer stands up

28 June, 2017

Comment: The reality of France's colonial exploits in Algeria runs contrary to its claims of being a country of reason, democracy and human rights, writes Warda Mohamed.

'Classy' Lebanese beach resort goes cheap with burkini ban

28 June, 2017

A woman attempting to enjoy a beach holiday with her family in Lebanon was forced to return home early after she was banned from bathing due to her burkini swimsuit.

France-US vow 'joint action' against Assad chemical attack

28 June, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron has agreed to work together with US President Donald Trump to formulate a common response in case of a new chemical attack in Syria.

Syria's brutal former defence chief dies in Paris

27 June, 2017

Syria's notorious former Defence Minister Mustafa Tlass - and a close friend of Hafez al-Assad - had died in exile at a Paris hospital.

Islamophobia in Canada undermines national mythology

25 June, 2017

Blog: Anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise across Canada despite a recent anti-Islamophobia motion passed by the Canadian parliament in March.

French female journalist dies of wounds from Mosul blast

25 June, 2017

Journalist Veronique Robert, wounded in the same landmine blast that killed two colleagues in the Iraqi city of Mosul earlier this week, has died.

What will Macron's mandate mean for the Middle East?

23 June, 2017

Analysis: Macron has made an impressive start, winning an overwhelming majority in parliament. What might his presidency have in store for French Arabs, and France's foreign policy? asks Bachar El-Halabi

Macron says Assad removal no longer priority for France

22 June, 2017

France no longer sees the removal of President Bashar al-Assad as a priority in the Syrian conflict, President Macron said Thursday, making the policy official for the first time.

Two foreign journalists killed in Mosul landmine explosion

20 June, 2017

A landmine explosion Iraq's second largest city killed two foreign journalists covering the battle for Mosul, reports confirmed on Tuesday.

Weapons stash found at Champs-Elysees attacker's home

20 June, 2017

The attacker who rammed a car loaded with a gas canister into a police van on Paris' Champs-Elysees on Monday, had a stash of weapons at his home, investigators found.

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