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The FA has changed tack on Qatar's World Cup

15 February, 2018

Comment: Britain is hoping for $42 billion worth of trade in the Gulf post-Brexit, and Qatar is to be a major part of that, writes Anthony Harwood.

Eyes on Morocco: This week in Middle East football

08 February, 2018

Morocco is shooting for the 2026 World Cup following an outstanding performance in the Championship of African Nations.

International transfer drama: This week in Middle East football

29 January, 2018

In football, January means one thing - the international transfer window, which means rumours, names, speculation and fantasy.

British referee praised for pausing football during prayer call

26 January, 2018

Football fans heap praise on British head of Saudi football refereeing after his 'respectful' gesture during a Saudi King's Cup game on Wednesday.

Saudi women welcome: This week in Middle East football

21 January, 2018

Women made history in Saudi Arabia this week, entering football stadia for the first time in the nation's history - but many fans stayed away, writes Uri Levy.

Gulf Cup: This week in Middle East football

10 January, 2018

Oman surprised in the Gulf Cup, winning a tournament at risk of being cancelled as tensions continue among neighbouring countries.

Kuwait premier visits Oman injured following Gulf Cup incident

07 January, 2018

Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber al-Hamad al-Sabah has visited Omani football fans who were hurt at a Kuwait football stadium during the Gulf Cup final.

The Gulf Cup kicks off amid simmering regional tensions

23 December, 2017

Regional tensions between Qatar and a Saudi-led bloc almost forced the 2017 edition of the Gulf Cup to be cancelled, until Kuwait offered to host the tournament.

Could the beautiful game resolve the Gulf diplomatic crisis?

22 December, 2017

Comment: As the Gulf Cup kicks off in Kuwait, fans are hoping for a renewed fraternal spirit to emerge in the region, writes Anthony Harwood.

Algerians mock Salman-Trump 'bromance', trigger crisis with Saudi Arabia

19 December, 2017

Saudi Arabia's heavy-handed policies and perceived betrayal of Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause have turned much of the Arab public opinion against Riyadh, most recently in Algeria.

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