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Qatar bolsters anti-terror laws with amendments

21 July, 2017

Doha sets new rules for defining terror and terror financing amid sustained accusations from neighbouring countries about Qatar's alleged terror links.

Egyptian National Front: Success is far from certain

21 July, 2017

Comment: An alliance of opposition groups has attracted support from a diverse array of figures, but victory is far from assured in police state Egypt, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

Netanyahu and UAE's foreign minister 'secretly met' in US

21 July, 2017

The UAE's Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu 'secretly met' in New York in 2012, according to a recent report.

Cairo upset with US definition of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

21 July, 2017

New US travel advice on Egypt draws Cairo's ire as it distinguishes between the Muslim Brotherhood and violent militant groups.

Football star Roberto Carlos in Cairo to promote tourism

20 July, 2017

Former Brazil and Real Madrid star Roberto Carlos landed in Cairo on Wednesday to promote Egypt's struggling tourism sector.

Qatar has evidence 'blockading country' was behind government hack

20 July, 2017

Qatar's lead investigator has said the hack of the country's national news agency which led to a Gulf-wide crisis originated from a country blockading Doha.

Iraq's Kadim al-Sahir defies Gulf boycott with Qatar concert

20 July, 2017

World famous Iraqi singer Kadim al-Sahir is defying an Arab boycott of Qatar's summer festival by performing a concert in the capital Doha next month.

Transfers and tribulations: This week in Middle East football

19 July, 2017

Blog: What impact will the Gulf blockade have on Qatar's World Cup? Rumours of demands made of FIFA, as well as usual transfer speculation, has fuelled headlines, writes Uri Levy.

Sixth batch of Turkish troops arrive in Qatar

18 July, 2017

A fresh batch of Turkish troops arrived in Qatar on Tuesday, to carry out joint training exercises as part of an Ankara-Qatar military agreement.

Egypt police trap and kill top militants: govt

18 July, 2017

Egyptian police killed three top Islamist militants in two separate operations, including two caught trying to move to a new hideout on Cairo's outskirts, the government said on Tuesday.

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