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South Sudan: An urgent priority for the international agenda

23 March, 2017

Comment: Japan's decision to withdraw its peacekeeping forces from South Sudan came as no surprise, but as the conflict continues to escalate, civilians are left vulnerable, writes Monique Bouffé.

Emel Mathlouthi sings for humanity

23 March, 2017

Interview: Emel Mathlouthi, whose songs became the 'anthem of the revolution' speaks to us six years on from the Arab Spring

Rapping the Arab Spring: Meeting El-Rass, Tripoli's underground hero

23 March, 2017

Meet the rapper whose music was forged in the crucible of the Arab Spring - even though he hates the term.

Ten Egyptian soldiers killed as Sinai raids intensify

23 March, 2017

The Egyptian army is seeking to clamp down on an IS-linked insurgency in the Sinai with the death-toll inflicted on its armed forces looking likely to rise following another attack.

Egypt, Sudan schedule talks after disputed territory escalation

22 March, 2017

Egypt and Sudan will hold talks in Khartoum in April to discuss a recent Sudanese escalation on the disputed border territory of Halayeb.

Lebanon's Hariri meets Sisi ahead of Trump visit

22 March, 2017

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo on Tuesday to discuss security concerns and regional issues.

Hamas seeks to rebrand itself in new political programme

22 March, 2017

Palestinian faction Hamas has ruled Gaza for the past decade, and is now drafting a new political programme it hopes will improve ties with Egypt and the West.

UK slaps #ElectronicsBan on flights from five Arab countries

21 March, 2017

Six Muslim-majority countries - Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia - will be affected by the new UK ban, which mimics US restrictions on carrying devices on flights.

Libyan tribes defecting from Tripoli towards Haftar

21 March, 2017

Another Libyan tribe has announced their support for east General Haftar - a sign that the tide of the civil war is turning in favour of the former regime strongman.

Arab nations fork out to save world's heritage sites

21 March, 2017

Seven countries and a US donor have pledged tens of millions of dollars to a UNESCO-backed fund aimed at protecting the world's cultural heritage against war.

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