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Egyptian named 'world's heaviest woman' dies in Abu Dhabi

25 September, 2017

El Aty was just 38 when she died. Her UAE hospital said in a statement that she took her last breath on Monday morning, ending her long battle with weight.

Thousands pack Doha streets to welcome Qatar emir home

25 September, 2017

Qatar's Emir Tamim al-Thani returned home from the UN General Assembly on Sunday evening, where he was received by thousands of his countrymen and expatriates who lined Doha's streets.

How Palestinians came to reject Kurdish demands for homeland

25 September, 2017

Comment: Among the strangest realities uncovered by the referendum in Northern Iraq is the Palestinian denial of Kurdish hopes for independence and a state of their own, writes Roger Hercz.

Egyptian government further curbs feminist activist's rights

24 September, 2017

Egyptian activist Azza has been banned from traveling and has been prevented from accessing funds to continue her work as a defender of human rights.

Indian scholar 'asked to leave' Oman after anti-Saudi speech

24 September, 2017

An Indian scholar has been asked to leave Oman, after making a speech at a local sharia college that criticised Saudi foreign policy.

Egypt's al-Azhar bans cleric for 'singing on television'

24 September, 2017

An al-Azhar cleric has been banned from his official duties after singing on a television talk-show while wearing his uniform, an Egyptian ministry statement said.

Iran attempts to rebuild its anti-Israel 'Axis of Resistance'

23 September, 2017

Iran is attempting to reconcile Hamas and Damascus since a fall out over the Syria war, with Tehran hoping to rebuild an anti-Israel axis in the region.

Death of Akef, man who transformed Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

22 September, 2017

Former Muslim Brotherhood head Mohammed Mahdi Akef, who has died in hospital aged 89, helped turn Egypt's Islamist movement into a major opposition force.

Egypt proposes stripping citizenship from individuals 'posing security threat'

22 September, 2017

Egypt’s cabinet proposed an amendment to allow Egyptian citizenship to be stripped from anyone seen as a security threat to the state.

Hunger games: Geopolitics of the GCC's food insecurity

22 September, 2017

Comment: The rift between Qatar and the Saudi-UAE axis brings into sharper focus the intractable issue of food insecurity in the region, writes Amar Diwakar.

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