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'Qatar should pay for US troops in Syria': Riyadh

24 April, 2018

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has said that Qatar should foot the bill for US presence in Syria.

UAE and Bahrain 'manipulating' Qatar's airspace activities

23 April, 2018

Doha has said the UAE is a 'threat' to airspace security after Abu Dhabi accused Qatari fighter jets of flying 'dangerously close' to an Emirati airliner in Bahraini airspace.

Bahrain's foreign minister calls for prosecution of Al Jazeera

23 April, 2018

The Bahraini official said that in addition to the 13 demands issued by a Saudi-led anti-Qatar bloc to Doha, is that Al Jazeera should be prosecuted for 'spreading lies'.

Qatar attends military drill in Saudi Arabia despite crisis

19 April, 2018

Qatari troops have taken part in military exercises in Saudi Arabia, despite a blockade imposed on the emirate by its neighbours, Qatari state media has reported.

Turning Qatar into an island

18 April, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's proposed channel separating it from Qatar sends a message of polarisation and division, rather than regional cooperation, writes James Dorsey.

Qatar wants talks on feasibility of 48-team World Cup

15 April, 2018

The country's infrastructure is already stretched thin as it builds eight stadiums to become the first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup.

Saudi king slams Iran 'interference' as Arab summit opens

15 April, 2018

Opening the Arab League summit on Sunday, there was notably little mention by the Saudi king of the Western strikes launched against the Assad regime.

No solution to Qatar crisis at Arab Summit: Riyadh

12 April, 2018

The upcoming meeting of Arab League states will not discuss the ongoing Saudi-led blockade on Qatar, Riyadh's foreign minister said on Thursday.

Trump 'demands Saudi King end senseless blockade of Qatar'

12 April, 2018

US President Donald Trump has reportedly demanded that Saudi Arabia and other Arab states end a ten-month long economic blockade on Qatar.

UK warplanes to provide security for Qatar World Cup

11 April, 2018

British-made Typhoon fighter jets bought last year by Qatar will be delivered in time to help provide security for the 2022 World Cup, Britain's ambassador in Doha has said.

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