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Qatar buys dozens of Typhoon fighter jets from Britain

11 December, 2017

Qatar has signed an $8 billion deal to buy 24 Typhoon fighters from the United Kingdom amid an ongoing blockade of the Gulf state.

FIFA commends Qatar for transferring Gulf Cup to Kuwait

10 December, 2017

FIFA has commended Qatar for agreeing to move the 2017 Gulf Cup to Kuwait following a last-minute decision by football's governing body to lift a ban on the country.

Abe's Japan entices GCC with military hardware

08 December, 2017

Comment: As Saudi Arabia and Iran's regional tension continues to build, the Gulf's appetite for western, Chinese and Japanese arms will only grow, writes Naveed Ahmad.

Qatar and France sign fighter jet deal

07 December, 2017

Qatar's latest purchase of military and commercial aircraft could help Qatar make more use of its planes after its operations were disrupted by a blockade from four Arab nations.

Kuwait says GCC 'needs to change' to survive rifts

06 December, 2017

The Gulf union will have to make alterations if it is to survive, Kuwait's leader said, as the GCC remains deeply divided over a Qatar-Saudi rift.

World Cup fever: This week in Middle East football

05 December, 2017

Syria's Omar Khribin is named Asian Player of the Year as the region gears up for two Middle Eastern derbies following the World Cup draw.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE rulers 'skip GCC summit'

05 December, 2017

The rulers of the blockading nations all sent representatives to the summit meeting in Kuwait, while the Emir of Qatar attended in person.

Kuwait unites Qatari-Gulf families separated by Saudi-led blockade

05 December, 2017

Families torn apart by the blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain speak of the difficulties they face in trying to reunited and meet regularly.

UAE, Saudi Arabia announce new partnership in GCC 'rebuff'

05 December, 2017

The UAE and Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a new partnership group separate from the GCC in a clear snub ahead of a meeting in Kuwait

GCC summit opens but hopes dashed by UAE-Saudi snub

05 December, 2017

A summit of the GCC will convene Tuesday, but hopes for ending the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar during the meet are undermined by an annoucement of a new UAE-Saudi bloc

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