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Israel to decide fate of Palestinian families facing eviction

10 June, 2018

The fate of 70 Palestinian families is due to be confirmed on Sunday as Israeli authorities are due to decide on a petition calling for the axe a planned demolition.

'Terrorising' settlers open fire near West Bank primary school

04 June, 2018

Settlers shot in the air to intimidate labourers and halt building work at the Tahadi 5 school in the troubled Jub al-Dib village near Bethlehem.

EU slams Israeli decision to demolish West Bank village

01 June, 2018

Israel's decision to demolish a Palestinian Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank undermines 'prospects for a lasting peace', the EU said on Thursday.

UK minister urges Israel not to demolish Bedouin village

31 May, 2018

Palestinian residents said they expected the demolition of the village, which is home to 180 people and includes a school, to happen in the coming weeks.

Israel approves 2,000 new settlement homes, says NGO

30 May, 2018

Nearly 700 settlement units have been given final approval by Israel, with more than a thousand more passing the first planning stage, as illegal settlements on Palestinian lands continue.

Congress urges Netanyahu to abandon Palestinian village demolition plans

24 May, 2018

Seventy-six members of the US Congress have signed a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, urging him to end demolitions and evictions of Palestinians in the West Bank.

Israel boosts plan to build 3,900 new settler homes

24 May, 2018

Israel's defence minister said that thousands of new settlement units would be given final approval for construction as early as next week.

US ambassador poses with controversial Jerusalem Third Temple poster

23 May, 2018

The US embassy to Israel has said that David Friedman was 'not aware' of an edited photo of Jerusalem presented to him at an event.

Egypt's army intensifies home demolitions in Sinai campaign

22 May, 2018

At least 3,000 homes and commercial properties have been destroyed in the Sinai Peninsula, where Egypt's army is waging a war against militants.

Israel is waging war on Palestinian education and schoolchildren

27 April, 2018

In-depth: Forty-four schools are at risk of full or partial demolition because Israeli authorities say they were built illegally, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch.

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