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Iraq kills dozens of IS fighters in Syria airstrike

23 June, 2018

Iraq said on Saturday it killed 45 fighters from the Islamic State group, including senior members, in an airstrike in eastern Syria.

Syrian regime forces advance in desert region against IS

21 June, 2018

Syrian regime forces have advanced against the Islamic State group after a wave of militant attacks in a central desert region.

Syrian refugees balance safety and hardship in Lebanon

20 June, 2018

Feature: Amina, a Syrian refugee living in Beirut fled her war-torn home to keep her children safe, but life has not been easy since. Nicholas Frakes meets the young mother.

US-backed rebels seize 'jihadi pills' in IS drug bust

18 June, 2018

More than 300,000 tablets of Captagon, an amphetamine that dulls pain, was seized in southeast Syria.

Tensions emerge between Assad allies as Syria's war unwinds

09 June, 2018

Since September 2015, Assad's forces have been making strong gains on the ground against insurgents thanks to Russian air cover and ground forces made up of Iranian-backed fighters.

Iran, Hizballah to remain in Syria until 'fully liberated'

07 June, 2018

Lebanon's veteran Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said that Iran and Hizballah will remain in Syria until the country regains its 'territorial integrity'.

Afghan president announces Eid ceasefire with Taliban

07 June, 2018

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has announced a ceasefire with the Taliban to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Eid.

The Iraq Report: Turkey's silent invasion of Iraq

05 June, 2018

Our weekly round-up of events in Iraq this week features Ankara's attack on the PKK in the Qandil mountains.

London teenager guilty of plot with all-female terror cell

05 June, 2018

Safaa Boular plotted the grenade and gun attack in London after the authorities intervened to stop her travelling to Syria to marry an IS fighter she had met online.

Iraq court jails French woman over IS membership

03 June, 2018

A French woman faces life imprisonment in Iraq for travelling to join IS.

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