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The Islamic State group is not finished – yet

12 April, 2018

Analysis: The 'caliphate' may be destroyed, but that doesn't mean IS has vanished. Many predict the organisation will regroup and strike again. Question is, how and where, writes Stasa Salacanin.

IS leader Baghdadi's right-hand man 'killed in Iraq'

09 April, 2018

Iraqi military officials say notorious IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's second-in-command was killed in a US-backed military operation on Monday.

Airstrike kills leading IS commander in Afghanistan

07 April, 2018

A leading IS commander has been killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan, as Kabul and a US-led coalition try to squeeze out the jihadi force.

Will Iraq fight Islamic State in Syria?

06 April, 2018

Analysis: It would be in Baghdad's interest to see Islamic State neutralised in the Syrian border region of Deir az-Zour, writes Paul Iddon.

Iraq grapples with Iranian influence ahead of elections

04 April, 2018

With Iraqis heading to the polls in May, foreign powers are keen to sway opinion with a pro-Iran leadership looking particularly favourable to Iraqis after IS defeat.

Iraq condemns six IS-linked Turkish women to death

02 April, 2018

Iraq handed the death penalty to a group of Turkish women charged with being members of IS, as rights group condemn the 'unfair' punishments given to non-combatants.

France's Macron meets with Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters

30 March, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron met Thursday with a delegation of the Syrian Democratic Forces made up of Kurdish and Arab fighters and promised them support from France

Antiques looted in Libya by IS sold in Spain

28 March, 2018

The works were stolen from archaeological sites in Libya's eastern coastal region of Cyrenaica and northern region of Tripolitania, home to some of the finest Roman and Greek ruins.

Khamenei: Iran has 'neutralised' US Middle East plans

22 March, 2018

Iran's supreme leader used his Persian New Year speech to take a swing at the US, who he vowed 'will not reach its goals'.

Syrian Kurds say Western allies 'betrayed them' in Afrin

21 March, 2018

Around 250,000 civilians have fled the violence in Afrin and dozens of others have been killed, as well as around 1,500 Kurdish fighters.

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