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Qatar dismisses 'illegal' demand for cutting Turkey defence ties

20 August, 2017

Qatar's ambassador to Turkey rejects Gulf states' demands regarding Doha's military ties to Ankara, saying that no dialogue about Qatar's sovereignty will be entertained.

Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on recaptured IS position

20 August, 2017

Lebanese soldiers waging an offensive on IS jihadists near border with Syria pictured raising Spain's flag on a recaptured militant position, in solidarity following an IS-claimed terror attack in Barcelona

Iraqi forces begin operation to retake IS-held Tal Afar

20 August, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has warned that IS fighters holed up in Tal Afar have no option but to 'surrender or die'.

Iraqi forces 'ready' for next battle against Islamic State

19 August, 2017

Senior US military leaders said that Iraqi forces are largely set for their next major campaign against Islamic State.

Amal Clooney welcomes Iraq's moves to prosecute IS militants

16 August, 2017

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has welcomed Iraq's latest step towards prosecuting IS fighters for war crimes.

Thousands flee as Iraq airstrikes pound IS-held town

16 August, 2017

Iraqi and coalition forces have stepped up air raids on Tal Afar, ahead of a ground offensive to drive out Islamic State group militants.

Tunisia foils IS plot to take over territory

16 August, 2017

Tunisia has said it had foiled a "terrorist plot" aimed at allowing Islamic State group jihadists to seize part of its territory.

Final evacuation of Syrian rebels from Lebanon border begins

14 August, 2017

The media arm of Lebanon’s militant Hizballah group says hundreds of Syrian rebels and civilians have started leaving the Lebanon-Syria border area after a deal was reached for their departure.

7 White Helmets members shot dead in northwestern Syria

12 August, 2017

Gunmen early on Saturday stormed an office of a Syrian paramedic group that is active in opposition-controlled areas, killing seven of its members

Lebanon’s US-backed army prepares to tackle IS near border

08 August, 2017

Lebanon’s US-backed military is gearing up for a long-awaited assault to dislodge hundreds of Islamic State militants from a remote corner near Syrian border

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