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EU promises funds if Syria's Assad joins UN talks

17 February, 2018

The EU is seeking to leverage its aid donor role to revive stalled UN-led talks, which have achieved little over seven years of war.

Countries pledge billions for Iraq at Kuwait donors' conference

14 February, 2018

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are among the countries to have pledged to help Iraq in loans and investments to rebuild the country following the defeat of IS.

His darkest hours: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'injured and depressed'

12 February, 2018

Badly injured, depressed and ill, the leader of the largely decimated Islamic State group, once the world's most formidable terror organisation, is reportedly living his final days.

Iran rejects Israeli 'lies', says Syria acting in 'self-defence'

10 February, 2018

Israel's military warned Iran and Syria were 'playing with fire' but that it was not seeking an escalation after a confrontation that resulted in large-scale Israeli air strikes inside Syria.

Syrian regime allows cornered IS to escape to Idlib

10 February, 2018

Syrian regime troops have allowed a small enclave or Islamic State group fighters to escape to begin an offensive on rebels in Idlib province.

US-led coalition launches defensive strike in Syria

08 February, 2018

The US-led coalition in Syria has launched a retaliation airstrike on Syrian regime forces after they attacked Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters.

US-led coalition says 'adjusting' down forces in Iraq

06 February, 2018

The US has said its mission in Iraq will become one of 'stabilisation' rather than taking territory from the Islamic State group.

Kurds uneasy over US silence on Turkey's Afrin assault

01 February, 2018

Turkish forces have intensified their assault on the YPG stronghold of Afrin in northern Syria, with Kurdish officials are growing increasingly frustrated with the US' stance.

Qatar-US alliance reaffirmed at end of Washington strategic dialogue

31 January, 2018

The US is looking to resolve the GCC crisis, which since June has pitted Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt against Qatar.

Turkey's Afrin offensive is not about Islamic State

23 January, 2018

Comment: The justification Turkey offered for its Afrin offensive - that it was fighting the Islamic State group as well as the YPG - is entirely unsatisfactory, writes James Snell.

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