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Egypt: The winter they called 'Spring'

24 November, 2017

Book review: 'Egypt', Robert Springborg's latest release, is a fascinating exploration of the deep state that established the republic, and that continues to rule the country with an iron fist.

Libya's warring parties 'ignoring' civilian deaths in Derna: HRW

05 November, 2017

Human Rights Watch has urged Libya's warring factions to investigate civilian deaths in Derna and hold those responsible to account, after unidentified aircraft attacked the eastern city.

Egypt priest stabbed to death in possible hate crime

13 October, 2017

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church has said a priest has been killed in a knife attack in a poor Cairo district, the latest deadly assault on members of the country's Christians.

Libya says remains found of Copts beheaded on beach

08 October, 2017

The remains have been unearthed of 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by extremists on a Libyan beach two years ago, the interior ministry said on Saturday.

Libyan group captures 'migrant hub' on Mediterranean coast

07 October, 2017

A rival Libyan armed group has captured a Mediterranean port used as a launchpad for migration to Europe, threatening an EU-brokered deal to curb

The anti-gay agenda of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church

02 October, 2017

Comment: As the Coptic Orthodox Church pushes Sisi's homophobic policies, young Copts in Egypt are orienting themselves towards Europe and North America, writes Bård Kårtveit.

Egypt's Coptic church organises conference to 'treat' homosexuality

29 September, 2017

Egypt's Coptic church has organised a "Volcano of Homosexuality" conference in which a "healing specialist" will teach a workshop on how to achieve a "speedy recovery" from homosexuality.

To defeat terrorism, state-sponsored discrimination must end

12 September, 2017

Comment: Governments must take a stand and stem the institutionalised discrimination that exists in their own policies and societies, writes Sam Fouad.

Sisi and Trump: What do Copts see in strongmen?

24 August, 2017

Comment: The Coptic community in both the US and Egypt has thrown its support behind authoritarian leaders, but at what price? asks Sam Fouad.

Seven civilians killed by car bomb in North Sinai

25 July, 2017

A car bomb explosion near a military checkpoint in North Sinai has killed seven civilians, including two children, the military said.

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