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Qatar bans Saudi, UAE goods from stores

27 May, 2018

Products from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were taken off the shelves in Qatar, after a ministry order on Saturday.

Qatar blockade threatens East Africa peace efforts, EU warns

26 May, 2018

Diplomatic tensions between countries in the Gulf are threatening peace efforts in East Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa, the EU's special envoy has warned.

Trump is throwing the Middle East under the bus

24 May, 2018

Comment: Killing the Iran deal and moving the embassy to Jerusalem will only bring more instability and misery to the people of the region, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Mo Salah: Necessary hero or opium for the masses?

23 May, 2018

Comment: Could Mo Salah's megastar status protect him enough to speak out against the atrocities in Gaza? asks Mohamed el-Meshad.

Riyadh, Abu Dhabi 'used sleazy Washington lobbyists' against Qatar

22 May, 2018

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been dealing with a pair of controversial Washington lobbyists to sway the US government to sanction Qatar, an explosive new report has revealed.

Bahrain strips nine of citizenship amid crackdown on dissent

21 May, 2018

Bahrain has continued to revoke citizenships of those it accuses of "terrorism".

How Iran's role differs in Syria and Yemen war

21 May, 2018

Analysis: The differences in Iranian involvement in the Syrian and Yemeni wars offer insights into Tehran's priorities, writes Austin Bodetti.

Top Paris restaurant investigated over 'anti-Arab discrimination'

18 May, 2018

A Parisian restaurant known for its five-star clientele is being investigated after a newspaper article interviewed staff saying management run anti-Arab discriminatory policy on reservations.

Trump lawyer 'demanded $1 million from Qatar for insights'

17 May, 2018

Trump's long-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen asked Qatar for $1 million for personal insights into the president's plans, according to a media report.

Trump wants end to Gulf crisis 'which benefits Iran'

16 May, 2018

US President Donald Trump wants the 11-month dispute between Qatar and its neighbours to end because it "benefits Iran".

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