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Oman and Kuwait go gently into Saudi-Canada dispute

07 August, 2018

Oman became the latest Gulf country to back Saudi Arabia in its diplomatic dispute with Canada, but used carefully guarded words.

UAE lodges memo denying racial discrimination against Qataris

07 August, 2018

The UAE has lodged a memo insisting it did not racially discriminate against Qataris after it joined the Saudi-led boycott of Qatar in 2017.

Explainer: Saudi-Canada relations before Riyadh's diplomatic spat

06 August, 2018

It's unclear what Riyadh hopes to gain by its forceful diplomatic moves against Ottawa for criticising the arrest of women's rights activist Samar Badawi.

UAE, Bahrain and PA back Saudi Arabia over Canada

06 August, 2018

Saudi Arabia's regional allies have come out in support for Riyadh over its surprise boycott of Canada.

'They are killing my father': Bahraini activist launches hunger-strike

06 August, 2018

Ali Mushaima, who has been stripped of his Bahraini citizenship, has launched a hunger strike demanding medical aid for his dying, imprisoned father.

Iran diplomat granted entry to Saudi Arabia

06 August, 2018

Saudi Arabia has granted a visa to an Iranian diplomat to work in a consular office in Jeddah, state media reported on Sunday.

Bahrain: Denial of medical treatment endangers jailed activists' lives

06 August, 2018

Amnesty International denounced the denial of medical treatment to elderly jailed activists.

'You've lost Islam,' Ethiopian PM tells UAE crown prince

31 July, 2018

Ethiopia's prime minister has recounted an alleged conversation with the UAE's de-facto leader in which he snubbed an offer to be 'taught' by the Emiratis.

Instability in Iran and Iraq threatens Kuwait's deep interests

26 July, 2018

Comment: If Kuwait is to preserve its long-term interests in the region, it must continue to capitalise on its ability to serve as a relatively neutral state, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Qatar and UK form joint fighter jet squadron

25 July, 2018

The UK's ministry of defence has announced the formation of a new joint Typhoon squadron with Qatar that will begin flying in 2020.

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