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Qatar's Emir calls for new EU-style Arab security pact

16 February, 2018

Emir Thani called the months-long blockade of Qatar "futile", and said it was time for regional states to put their differences aside.

US senator ends block on arms sales to GCC

16 February, 2018

Republican Senator Bob Corker said he will end the arms sales block which was a bid to pressure the Gulf states to find a solution to the diplomatic crisis.

Bahrainis launch protests, marking 7th anniversary of uprising

14 February, 2018

Mass Shia-led protests marked Bahrain between 2011-2014, and included calls for an end to the Al Khalifa ruling family.

Tillerson kicks off 'difficult tour' of tense Middle East

12 February, 2018

Flying into Egypt on Sunday, the US Secretary of State has started a five-nation tour in the Middle East, amid heightened tensions and unease over Trump's policies in the region.

Iran rejects Bahrain claims of collusion in pipeline blast

08 February, 2018

An oil pipeline between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia was destroyed last November. Manama has accused Iran of blowing up the pipeline, a claim Tehran strongly rejects.

The Iraq Report: Systemic corruption may threaten reconstruction funds

08 February, 2018

This week in Iraq: The US has admitted that Islamic State is far from being defeated while the Iraqi interior ministry claimed that IS leader's health is deteriorating.

Iran accused of training Bahrain-Saudi oil pipeline attack militants

07 February, 2018

Bahrain has accused four suspects of being trained by Iran's Revolutionary Guard to carry out an alleged bomb attack on the island's oil pipeline with Saudi Arabia last November.

Louvre apologises to Qatar for 'Gulf map scandal'

06 February, 2018

The Louvre Museum in Paris has apologised to Qatar for its franchise in the United Arab Emirates displaying a map of the Arabian Peninsula that purposely blacked out Qatar.

Google suspends AMP websites in Egypt after government block

06 February, 2018

Internet giant Google has suspended access to a publishing protocol for mobile devices in Egypt after authorities blocked the portal, which is used to circumvent online restrictions.

Kuwait sentences blogger to 5 years for 'insulting' UAE

05 February, 2018

Social media figure Abdullah al-Saleh has been sentenced to an extra five years in prison after criticising the UAE's role in the region.

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