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Power struggle for Algerian presidency as Bouteflika's 'health worsens'

13 August, 2017

A former presidential candidate has openly questioned Algerian President Bouteflika's ability to lead the country this week over his alleged mental incapacity.

Bikini revolution: Thousands of Algerian women protest against 'traditionalists'

08 August, 2017

More than 3,200 women have joined forces to protest against anti-bikini 'traditionalists' after an image was circulated online.

Britain lifts warning against travel to Tunisia

27 July, 2017

Britain on Wednesday lifted its warning against "all but essential travel" to Tunisia, two years after a shooting spree by a jihadist attacker at a beach hotel

German runaway girl in Iraq wants to 'go home'

24 July, 2017

A German teenager who joined IS is now being held in detention in Iraq and says she regrets joining the jihadist group and wants to come home to her family.

And Here I Am: Theatre as AK-47

20 July, 2017

Society: A new one-man-show tells the true story of a refugee jihadist who renounced violence to become an actor thanks to Jenin's famed Freedom Theatre, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Quebec town rejects plan to build Muslim cemetery

18 July, 2017

Society: A small community near Canada's Quebec City has voted against building what would have been the first Muslim cemetery near the provincial capital, reports Jillian Kestler D'Amours.

Algeria's anti-immigrant hysteria is hiding government failings

13 July, 2017

Comment: Control of the situation lies in legalising the presence of sub-Saharan migrants in Algeria, writes Yasmina Allouche.

These Middle Eastern countries still criminalise homosexuality

08 July, 2017

As Londoners on Saturday marked 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, same-sex relationships in some countries in the Middle East are still punishable by death.

Oppa Dahieh Style: Searching for K-Pop in Hizballah land

04 July, 2017

Beirut's southern suburb is the new Gangnam for the South Korean video blogger who calls himself The Daily Oppa.

Football star Mahrez spotted in barefoot kick-about in Algeria

02 July, 2017

The Leicester City ace enjoyed a relaxing kick about in Algeria as speculation buzzes over his future at the former English Premier League winning club.

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