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UAE ends Somalia military training programme amid souring relations Open in fullscreen

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UAE ends Somalia military training programme amid souring relations

The UAE announced it will be ending the training programme on Sunday [Anadolu]

Date of publication: 16 April, 2018

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The UAE has said it will disband its military training programme in Somalia, just days after Mogadishu said it will be taking over the training of soldiers under the scheme.
The United Arab Emirates is set to end a military training programme in Somalia amid souring relations that were worsened by the seizure of several million dollars from a plane that arrived in Mogadishu from Abu Dhabi.

The move, which was announced in a government statement on Sunday, comes days after Somalia said it would be taking over control over the training and salaries of the UAE-trained soldiers.

"The UAE has decided to disband its military training programme in Somalia which started in 2014 to build the capabilities of the Somali army," said the statement on the UAE’s state news agency WAM.

Relations between Somalia and the UAE have deteriorated since the oil-rich Gulf country began operating a major port in Somalia's breakaway territory of Somaliland last year. The UAE also has invited Somaliland officials for state visits and is building a military base there, suggesting that the country is moving toward recognising Somaliland's independence.

Analysts also say that Somalia's refusal to take sides in the Saudi-led boycott of Qatar, which the UAE is part of, has further strained relations.

Last week, tensions were heightened when Somali authorities seized $9.6 million from the Royal Jet plane, alleging that a security scan of three bags containing the money had been refused.
The UAE says that the money, which is still being held by Somalia, was to be used to pay the salaries of soldiers under the military training programme.

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