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Sana Uqba

Ronaldo criticised for starring in Israeli commercial

The football star had previously supported the Palestinian cause [Anadolu]

Date of publication: 12 February, 2016

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Cristiano Ronaldo has come under fire for starring in a commercial for an Israeli internet company, with many fans disappointed with the footballer.
International football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been heavily criticised for his appearance in an advert for an Israeli internet company.

The football star announced his involvement in the advert via a tweet on his social media platform which suggested he is "going to be a star in Israel."

The minute-long commercial shows 31-year-old Ronaldo alongside three Israeli comedians who debate the footballer's speed with that of the company's cable connection.

But the humour did not translate well with a number of Ronaldo's 40.4million Twitter followers who were quick to respond with tweets including #freepalestine.

One user commented: "You spelled 'OCCUPIED PALESTINE' kinda [sic] weird there."

The news comes as a surprise given Ronaldo's previous public support of the Palestinian cause.

The star allegedly refused to swap shirts with an Israeli footballer at a friendly match while numerous online images depict the star donning pro-Palestine gear.

In 2012, reports confirmed a 1.5million-euro donation was made by the football star to the children of Gaza.

His pro-Palestinian fans took the opportunity to express their discontent regarding the commercial with many saying they have "lost respect" for the player.

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