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These Arab artists are using Twitter to showcase their work

Graffiti artwork of Palestinian resistance leader Marwan Barghouti [AFP]

Date of publication: 20 August, 2017

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Using the Twitter hashtag #ArabArtists, a new generation of Arab artists, photographers and filmmakers are using social media to promote their talent.

With much of the Middle East in turmoil, its sometimes difficult to remember the talent that has emerged in the region. Perceptions of the Arab world and its people are often buried under misconceptions, which are related to the political climate.

These Arab artists refused to be a part of this narriative. With the #ArabArtists hashtag emerging on Twitter, many of them took to social media to promote their talent and their work.

The types of artists were diverse, and so were the pieces they showed off. From photographers, to painters and digital illustrators, they took inspiration from the world around them.

Not all of the talent had formal training

Picture perfect moments...

Abdullah featured a photo of a Mahmoud Darwish - Palestinian poet and icon for its liberation movement - he found.

With talent comes ambition 

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