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Florence Dixon

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Florence Dixon
Florence Dixon

Florence is a Middle-East focused journalist and staff writer at The New Arab.

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Demonstrators comfort crying soldiers on Lebanon protest frontlines

23 October, 2019

Videos of soldiers overcome by emotion in the face of Lebanon's anti-government protests have gone viral, reflecting the conflicting allegiances between the army and those pushing for social change.

Explainer: Why are people protesting in Iraq?

03 October, 2019

As services and opportunities decline, corruption in Iraq has soared along with the summer temperatures, prompting Iraqis to risk their lives calling for change on the streets.

Egypt broadcasts tourists' 'confessions' to taking part in protests

26 September, 2019

Egyptian state TV broadcast "confessions" from five foreign tourists swept up in the mass campaign of arrests following anti-corruption protests, as the number arrested soars into the thousands.

Transgender refugee feared dead after deportation to Syria

23 August, 2019

Vulnerable refugees living legally and under protection in Turkey are being swept up in the widespread deportation campaign to devastating effect.

Iranian musician leads Middle Eastern 'peace album' collaboration

25 July, 2019

'My one only weapon to fight for freedom is by making music': The New Arab Meets: Mehdi Rajabian who has made an album taking a stand against war and oppression.

Canada lobbyists paid $6m to promote Sudan's military regime

28 June, 2019

The lobbying firm, whose previous clients include Mugabe and Haftar, pledges to grant Sudan's military council diplomatic recognition through securing international funding, a meeting with Trump, and favourable media coverage.

Denmark's socialists win elections after hard-right turn on immigration

06 June, 2019

Despite an unprecedented turnout of Danish Muslims, Denmark's Social Democrats are likely to take power after wooing populist supporters with anti-immigration rhetoric.

MbS-aligned Saudi newspaper urges 'surgical strikes' on Iran

16 May, 2019

An editorial in a Saudi newspaper owned by the crown prince's brother calls for ‘decisive, punitive’ airstrikes against Iran, reflecting unwavering Saudi support for the Trump administration's anti-Iran, pro-Israel policies.

Settlement hotels part of 'detrimental' West Bank expansion policy

08 May, 2019

Unrestricted funding for hotel building in illegal settlements reflects Israel’s ‘full-bore’ settlement expansion policy in the West Bank, which is costing the Palestinian economy billions of dollars a year.

HRW's Omar Shakir: 'I will continue doing this work'

08 May, 2019

Having spent the past 13 months battling deportation, HRW's Israel-Palestine director is intent not only on staying in Jerusalem, but on overturning the creeping restrictions on the country's rights defenders.

Palestinian prisoner ends hunger strike after 43 days

03 May, 2019

Hossam Ruzza reached a deal with Israeli authorities for release in July after his administrative detention order was renewed twice, keeping him in jail for over a year without charge.

'Show trial' of Saudi women activists adjourns without verdict

13 March, 2019

Ten Saudi women activists appeared in court behind closed doors on Wednesday as international pressure to end their almost year-long detention mounts.

Florence Dixon
Florence Dixon

Florence is a Middle-East focused journalist and staff writer at The New Arab.

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